Teleseminars are a quick and convenient way to reach across the globe for new clients and customers. Most teleseminars can be put together and marketed in less than 5 hours. Smart home based business owners are realizing that there's money to be made in teleseminars, and that they're well-placed to grow a teleseminar profit center...

"Create It Once…Leverage It …And Sell It Over and Over -

"Get A Constant Flow Of Client Leads and Dollars By Creating and Delivering Teleseminars...

"It's Much, Much Easier Than You Think."

"Launch Your Teleseminar in 14 Days: Create Extra Income Sharing Information About Your Interests & Passions"

Dear Authentic Entrepreneur,

You have tons of valuable information to share with others, yet you are probably either giving it away free or doubting that you have anything of value to offer.

Read on. You DO have plenty of information to share and there are people just waiting to learn from you.

But where will I find people who want my information you ask? By offering teleseminars you attract people from all over the globe and then creating information products from them that you can sell, repurpose, leverage and make money with.

My new ebook "Launch Your Teleseminar in 14 Days: Create Extra Income Sharing Information About Your Interests & Passions" shows you how.

I know many of you are saying "I don't know how to teach…I don't know what equipment I'll need…I don't know where to get started."

You have a lifetime of experiences and knowledge about your interests and passions. If you can talk AND you're passionate about the interest you are sharing, you can facilitate teleseminars. If you've been on the internet for a while, you know that many people, no smarter than you, are making money from their information.

What's different about them? They took ACTION and they learned how to leverage their information…they've tapped into the wide world of information marketing while the vast majority of folks have no clue about the exploding potential of information publishing online.

Your expertise (yes you are an expert!) = your profit - creating teleseminars and selling the content from them is easy.

Want to cut through your confusion and create your own teleseminars? You can. Let's look at WHY you might want to consider delivering teleseminars.

The primary reason is money. I almost never charge for the teleseminars I give. BUT I do take the content and the audio recordings and make information products from them. Let's use the example of an ebook you create from your teleseminar. You don't have to sell many copies of an ebook to make a profit. How many copies do you need to sell?

1st you hold the teleseminar and record it (don't worry…I'll show you how). You had a transcript made of the call…maybe you add a bonus report to it. You create an ebook out of the call transcript and added bonuses to get the ebook to 5,000 to 30,000 words (you don't want to make it any longer -it will look intimidating and no one will read it).

Let's say you put in 2 hours of research, 4 hours to develop it, 3 hours on marketing activities, an hour delivering it and 5 hours creating an ebook from your teleseminar content (I'm being conservative -once you've created a few teleseminars, the process will occur much more quickly).

That's a total of 15 hours. If you were being paid at a rate of $60 an hour, you'd make $900 in 15 hours. At $37 each, you'll need to sell 25 copies of your ebook to pay yourself for the time you spent creating the teleseminar and converting the content into an ebook.

Almost any ebook you write will easily sell 100 copies -far more than 30. Most will sell many more - even thousands of copies if you promote them.

So if you've sold 3,000 copies at $37, that's $111,000. Over that time, you may spend $10,000 or so in marketing, and you'll have spent time promoting the ebook too. Even with that, you can see that there's a lot of money to be made creating and selling your own ebook based on the content from your teleseminar.

You can deliver teleseminars and create information products from them more easily than you think. "Launch Your Teleseminar in 14 Days: Create Extra Income Sharing Information About Your Interests & Passions" shows you how.

"I found the Launch Your Teleseminar in 14 Days: Make Extra Income Sharing Your Interests and Passions ebook to be very inspiring and motivating.

The URL and resource recommendations, (i.e. different bridge services, also how to record teleseminars, create mp3's, bridge line options, marketing options) are invaluable and will dispel any confusion about how to get started delivering your own teleseminars quickly.

I was very impressed with the practical and step by step content. In fact, it is more like a workbook, as Ann asks a lot of questions and provides areas for you to respond with your action steps, goals and ideas. The 2 week action plan for how to create your own teleseminar is fantastic!"

~ Amy Hogg, Director of Expert & Client Services at

"Launch Your Teleseminar in 14 Days: Create Extra Income Sharing Information About Your Interests & Passions" is written in the form of four easy steps, with exercises. Read the lessons, do the exercises, and within a couple of weeks, you've created a teleseminar to deliver and then repurpose it to sell the information over and over again.

Here's what you'll discover in the four steps:

Step 1: Choose a Topic

Step 2: Create Your Teleseminar Content
Choose Format/Date
Equipment/Technology You'll Need
How to Develop Content
8 Tips to Delivering a Teleseminar
Powerful Ways to Close the Call

Step 3: Marketing Your Teleseminar

Step 4: Show Me the Money

AND Your COMPLETE two-week teleseminar creating and selling plan

Get ready to profit now with "Launch Your Teleseminar in 14 Days: Create Extra Income Sharing Information About Your Interests & Passions"

Is delivering teleseminars and creating information products from them for you? Only you know the answer to that. However, if you want to make great money from your knowledge, offering teleseminars is a must-do.

Here's what you get in the package:

* 43 pages of practical, easy how-to information which works - it's been tried and tested by me, and by my coaching clients - and that you can use right away. You can create your teleseminar and deliver it within TWO WEEKS;


* My gold-plated, 100% personal guarantee that YOU can create and deliver teleseminars, because when you buy this ebook, you're offered 30 minutes free coaching with me, either by phone or email. That's a $125 value, included, for free, because I want to make sure that the information helps you.

Order "Launch Your Teleseminar in 14 Days: Create Extra Income Sharing Information About Your Interests & Passions"

Just $47

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To your teleseminar success!

Igniting Your Entrepreneurial Spirit,

Ann Ronan

Ann Ronan

From the desk of Ann Ronan, speaker, writer, self employment coach and author, of Create Your 2nd Life After 40: Live the Ideal Life You've Always Wanted

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