What Keeps You From Delivering a Teleseminar That Will Bring in New Clients and Money?: The Top Three Teleseminar Goal Stoppers

Why do you procrastinate when it comes to offering a teleseminar to boost your business and make money fast? I've seen so many folks who set a goal to offer a teleseminar and never make it happen. And it really hurts me to see this, because I KNOW that offering teleseminars is a great way to build your client list (and your client list is your goldmine) and a great way to make sales.

I want you to move forward with offering your first teleseminar. So I'm going to share with you the top three teleseminar goal stoppers.

1. You are intimidated by technology.

Trust me. I understand. And it's so simple, you're going to say "duh", why did I wait so long! Here's what you need.

  • Headset
  • Telephone Bridge Line
  • Recording capability

That's it! First buy your headset. You can use Google to compare different headsets. Or post a question to my blog and see what responses you get from others who are already delivering teleseminars.

Then arrange for a telephone bridge line. A bridge line is simply a phone number and access code that everyone who is going to participate on the call dials into at the same time. They enter the access code and voila, everyone is joined together to begin the teleseminar. You, as the moderator of the call, will have a moderator code that will allow you to mute the entire line if needed (if you get a lot of background noise) and will also allow you to know how many people are on the call, and more.

When you first start out, you can use free bridgelines. Again, use our friend Google and type in "free telephone bridge lines." Choose one that has recording available.

Then record the call using the bridgeline's directions. It's usually something simple like *2 to record. Most of the free bridgelines only hold your last recorded call on their website so you'll want to be sure to download the audio as soon as possible after the call.

You can do several things with the audio including sending it to all who registered for the class.

2. You Don't Set a Date

No kidding. This is one of the top reasons you may not have given a teleseminar even though you recognize all of the benefits of doing so. You've got to set a date. Then work backwards from there with the details of the content and marketing. Set a date now for six weeks from now. No longer. Put it on your calendar. Put a comment on my blog that says "I'm committing to giving a teleseminar on this date."

3. You Think They Have Nothing New To Say

Everyone has suffered this one. You get excited about giving a teleseminar and than you see that someone else is offering one on the same topic. That's ok! You see the world through your own unique lens and you speak in your own unique words. You will attract the people that are drawn to your personality.

So go ahead, set the date. Post it on my blog for all the world to see. Now you're committed. Then arrange the bridgelines, get the headset and then begin to build your content. I'd be happy to join you on your first teleseminar, if it fits into my schedule, to provide support!

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