I’m working with a coach to get a book written. Writing a book is a big goal. I’m at the “sit at your desk and open a vein” part of the process (meaning I actually have to sit my a** down and write… a lot.) I’ve found a way that works for me and wanted to share it with you. This goal setting method can be used for any project you really want to complete but find yourself avoiding even getting started.

I’m calling it the 10 minute way to trick yourself into accomplishing anything. In my case, I’m using the Write or Die software (http://writeordie.drwicked.com/) -there’s a free version online, but if your projects involve writing, spring $10 bucks for the desktop version -it’s got more cool features.

At first I tried setting the timer for 1 hour. Ha! I did everything to avoid starting -as a result I have a very clean house. Then I tried setting it for 30 minutes -I gained a couple of pounds by avoiding my computer again. Then I tried 10 minutes -perfect! I am able to write for 10 minutes and the time mostly flies by. Then I quickly talk myself into another 10 minutes and I can usually convince myself to go a third round -30 minutes of writing at a sitting.

Now you night think -well that will take too long to get your project done if you’re only working on it 30 minutes at a time. Hey! I’m making progress -I’m moving forward -my book will get done this way. AND, I leave my write or die software open during the day and when I find myself procrastinating on another project, I work on my book for 10 minutes and then come back to it.

You can use this -it works! You could set your cell phone alarm or an outlook reminder for 10 minutes and dive in. What goal do you have that you are procrastinating on? Try it for a few days. Then post your results here -I’d love to hear them!