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Want to Make Money While You Sleep? Start Affiliate Marketing


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I’ve made several thousand dollars this year through affiliate marketing. What the heck is affiliate marketing you ask? It’s promoting other people’s products or services in return for a commission. It’s easy to do and can quickly bring in extra income for very little effort. Your affiliate will give you your own unique “url” (that’s a webpage address). When someone clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase, the affiliate records the sale as credited to you. Most send checks to you monthly.

I’m telling you…it feels so great to open my mailbox and see checks…that took little or no effort from me to get after the initial set up on my webpage.

Here are 4 simple steps to getting started. And in the interest of full disclosure…the affiliate links I’ve given you as examples are my actual affiliate links which bring me commissions.

1. Decide which products/services you’ll promote. I am very choosy…I am proud of the excellent quality of my products and services AND the amazing benefits that my clients/customers experience… flexible lifestyle, more income, and greatly expanded beliefs in what is possible in their lives. A good reputation is your most valued asset…so don’t compromise it.

Here are some examples of what I promote and why.

Site Sell’s Build It System. This system teaches you, with a very doable step-by-step manual (videos too if you prefer watching to reading) and website about how to create websites, around topics that you are passionate about, that are true profit centers…bringing in $3,000+ per month. I’ve bought it, and am building a new profit center for my business. I’m amazed at how easy it is, and how much I’ve learned about search engine optimization…painlessly…something I’ve been resisting forever. My work in progress is Once I’ve got more content and my monetization methods in place, I’ll create a new website…this for me is so much fun…no kidding…am I officially a geek?

Amazon’s Kindle. I LOVE my Kindle book reading device. I gave myself the first generation Kindle as a birthday gift a year ago November…the new versions are way better but I just don’t want to part with my beloved gadget yet.

What do I love about it? Instant downloads (and gratification) of books when I want them and the ability to tote 200 books around without breaking my back (the latest generations hold 1,500 and 3,500!). When I travel or even just hang out at the Dana Point harbor, I love having all kinds of books with me. I dip into a business book, then a dose of spirituality, and then maybe a good mystery.

There really is no limit to the amount of Kindle books you can own…you can keep some on your Amazon website account and transfer them back and forth to your Kindle when you like.

I can’t go into all the amazing features here…but do know that you can bookmark, highlight and take notes. I save all these as “clippings” and then upload them to a Word doc and create my presentations from them.

I take it everywhere…and soon discovered that people are curious about the Kindle and want to hold it and check it out. At the car wash, the harbor, and airports, I ALWAYS have strangers ask me if they can check it out.

It finally dawned on me that I’m a walking sales person for Amazon…enthusiastically promoting their product…AND they offer a commission. So I wised up, joined their affiliate program and had biz cards made with my Amazon affiliate link on it. After I share my Kindle with a new person, I give them the card and ask them to purchase their first one there and then I tell them to set up their own affiliate link! You get 10%…you can receive between $20-$49 each sale, depending on the version folks buy.

American Writers & Artists Institute. These folks provide high quality, home study kits on several realistic ways to make money from home including resume writing, travel writing, copywriting and much more. I’ve purchased several of these for my own use and can highly recommend them. Here’s an example of their home study kits:

2. Create a blog or website where you will promote your affiliates’ products. You can start with a free blog using or If you’re serious about making money with your website, I highly recommend Site Sell’s Build It…they tell you why you need more than a blog.

SBI! Monthly Billing Option

3. Send regular notices to your client email list about your affiliates’ products. You ARE building a list right? If not, join our Success Circle now so you can learn how.

4. Write, and post on the internet, articles on topics related to your affiliates’ products and include a link to your affiliate webpage in the “resource box” of the article. Google “article directories” to get ideas about where you can post them (it’s free!).

Consider making affiliate marketing part of your marketing plan for 2010. You’ll thank me! Post a comment on our blog when you get your first affiliate check so we can all “Whoo Hoo” with you.

My Amazing Entrepreneur Fellow Travelers on the TPE Journey


Most of you know I’m a true believer in getting support and other people’s input about my business.  We just have too many blind spots -I get the most amazing “aha” insights AND great advice from my coaches and colleagues in the coaching programs I’m enrolled in…this moves me into action (and puts money in my pocket) way more quickly than I could do on my own.

I am thrilled to have Mike of the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur as one of my current coaches (I’m enrolled in two programs, this one and another with Dave Dee and Alexis Neely.)

My biz, along with other TPEs were featured on a blog today -bet it will go to #1 on Google!

Here’s what he says: “The TPE community just rules!!!! Check out these amazing entrepreneurs”

Grateful for all you readers…drop a comment so I can get to know you and what you’re up to!

Thoughts From The Entrepreneur’s Spouse


From one of my coaches blogs – the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur,, Mike Michalowicz

Working with you at the office or not, the significant other has a lot of influence on how you operate your business. So I asked the TPE community, if their significant other could make one unfettered business decision for them, what would it be:

1. What Blind Spots?

The Spouse’s Thoughts: Yes, I sometimes have blind spots about myself. I usually make decisions boldly and confidently…but on the rare occasion, when I find myself waffling, I run it by my husband, Ted.

He can see things I missed or will point out that I really don’t need the business. It’s almost always a decision where I should say no and after talking it out with him, I’m sure that no is the way to go.

Thanks To: Ann Ronan of Authentic Life Institute

2. Time To Rest…

The Spouse’s Thoughts: As a start-up entrepreneur, I get into a “tunel vision” mode.

My (lovely) wife has the ability to tell me when it is time to rest. This can be reminding me that there are only x number of hours until I need to get up, and that I had better call it quits for the night, or that I have not taken a day off to go fishing in way too long (in fact, I got the new spinning reel at, as an extra reminder).

Sometimes I don’t realize that my productivity would be improved by a little “down time”.

She can see what I can not…

Thanks To: Carl Forsell of Connections Planet

3. Location Is Key!

The Spouse’s Thoughts: Location. When I complained about the slow state of affairs with my referral-based business, my hubby looked over his shoulder, smiled sympathetically, and said “Go west, young woman!”
Like a bolt out of the blue, it hit me: he was so right! The location in which I tried to run my business was not suitable at all; people were not receptive to my message.
So, we researched, saved, prayed and prepared and moved to a brand-new location-all the way across the country!

Thanks To: Doula Angelita of Resurgam BirthingWell8899

4. Let Iron Sharpen Iron

The Spouse’s Thoughts: My one tip is to seek the advice of your spouse/significant on what to buy. As a married man, I know that women love to shop and most of them are very smart on shopping for bargains. Why not ask for their advice. If they are a significant other, won’t their opinion be significant as well? Their wisdom will sharpen your business skills at seeing things you would otherwise miss out on. And this will ultimately lead to your successs! Ignoring it will lead to failure. It all depends on you.

Thanks To: Edwin Soler of Libreria Berea

5. I’m A Starter, Need A Finisher

The Spouse’s Thoughts: My Significant other is really good at seeing the long term goals and picture in his business and in mine. He’s good at planning and organizing money and resources. The one decision he could make for me for the betterment of my business is- deciding on the allocation of the amount of resources (time and money) going to the right project for the desired end result. What I have found is there are starters and finishers, I am a starter, a big Idea person, I need a finisher on my team! Thank you!

Thanks To: Dr. Cindy Brown of Behavior Relationship Inst., Inc.

6. I Support You, Live Your Dream

The Spouse’s Thoughts: If there was one thing that I hope my spouse could do for me, it would be to support me throughout my endeavors as an entrepreneur. Sometimes entrepreneurs have to make really tough decisions, but it’s always easier when you know that your spouse is behind you 110%. To all of the spouses of entrepreneurs, remember that we are doing this for you and our family, try to be as supportive as you possibly can be.

Thanks To: Ryan Taft of Catalyst Marketers

7. My Pr Person!

The Spouse’s Thoughts: To help me be more successful – my significant other is extremely supportive, he is always tooting my horn and telling others what I do and how great I am at it! This gives me more confidence and helps me to step up and be better at tooting my own horn!

Thanks To: Michelle Dunn of Michelle Dunn, writer

8. Risky Business

The Spouse’s Thoughts: My husband’s advice usually revolves around taking more risks – he has to push me a bit on that! But he is a terrible salesperson – he’ll give away every t-shirt without asking a cent. That’s why I’m running the business…

Thanks To: Michelle Hamman of MotherTongues

9. More Than Ok

The Spouse’s Thoughts: Most times in business, “OK” is the enemy. It has no special ring to it. It has no quality, no differentiator, no enthusiasm behind it. But here, I think my spouse would say “It’s more than OK. It’s great you are positive; that you care so much. And it’s fine, it’s more than OK, to rest a bit. It’s OK to take time for yourself, your family, your books, a walk, or quiet time by the fire. In fact…It’s necessary to being the kind and giving person you want to be.

Thanks To: Pamela Hawley of UniversalGiving

10. The Next Martha Stewart

The Spouse’s Thoughts: My husband, Al who I have been married to for over 38 years has many ideas on what I should do to make in entrepreneurial endeavors. He wants me to work every day and stay home and take care of my customers instead of going out and having a good time, I believe you can work, but you also need a social life, I can work and socialize at the same time. I can be going out and talking about my work and passing out business cards and catalogs. He calls me the next Martha Stewart Entrepreneur! Why Not!

Thanks To: Sheila A Caruso of AVON / PRIVATE QUARTERS

11. Wife Chooses Righthand (wo)man

The Spouse’s Thoughts: According to my wife I am a terrible manager. She may not be so far off.
It all starts with who you hire. Hiring someone just because you like them may not be the best criteria. Ya think?!
I can’t help it. I want to see the good in people and I want to give people a chance to succeed. All well and good accept when your hire can’t actually do the job.
My wife, on the other hand, can look at things somewhat more objectively than I.

Thanks To: Neil Palache of The Wealth Creator Company

12. Location, Location, Location

The Spouse’s Thoughts: I build websites for non-techies and offer my clients the tools, training, and design options to maintain their own website. I can do this from anywhere in the world. Luckily, my wife Sachiko is a Realtor specializing in luxury condos in Hawaii. So when deciding the physical location of my business, Sachiko is the expert I would turn to even if she where not my lovely wife.

Thanks To: Nestor Trillo of AvaNiu Websites for Non-Techies

13. Shocked & Awed

The Spouse’s Thoughts: I think my boyfriend wonders what hit him! He always wanted a musical wife, but someone like me, for whom the creativity is not just a hobby but a business–this is a real shock to his system! His daughter & her friends have become quite a fan club, so that helps!

As a creative, I can be reluctant to price my work. My boyfriend is encouraging & pushing me to be practical, to make the music, writing, etc. pay, to charge what I’m worth. I love him for that.

Thanks To: Colleen Taylor of Siretona Creative

14. When To Say When

The Spouse’s Thoughts: One important decision that I would like my significant other to make for me regarding my entrepreneurial endeavors would be to determine when the right time to “cash-out” is. This is a tough decision that successful entrepreneurs must eventually make. Based on my personality type, I don’t think that I would be able to make that call. I view my business as part of my life so I couldn’t separate the two.

Thanks To: Mark Hall of Input Ladder

15. Honey, Sign Me Up!

The Spouse’s Thoughts: One decision my spouse could make for me would be to force me to sign up for more networking events and educational opportunities. The cost of these can really add up. But when you work for yourself, it is so important to proactively pursue ongoing education through courses, workshops, and seminars on a consistent basis. It is an investment, and as an entrepreneur you have to invest in yourself as well as your business.

Thanks To: Jen Munn of Freelance Copywriter

16. Sell More Books, Network!

The Spouse’s Thoughts: My husband Brian is amazingly supportive – sometimes I don’t know how! When I decided to write a book, his first response was, SELL A LOT. His second response was, GET TO WORK! Meaning, get out there & network, learn a new trade (children’s books) & only partner with a great company of experts. It was great advice – not only did he support me, he motivated me to never rest on my laurels during the process. At the end of the day, you have to depend on your drive to help succeed! Thanks Bri!

Thanks To: Demi Clark of Author, Snow the Racehorse Series

17. Just Do It!

The Spouse’s Thoughts: I make my own decisions in regards to my business (I pretty much do what I want:) ), but if I had to share a decision with my spouse, I guess I would want him to help me with deciding on an advertising budget and help me decide where and when to advertise.

Thanks To: Jocelyn Wiebe of AmeriPlan

18. Marry Me

The Spouse’s Thoughts: A year after my friend and I started our business, he decided to ask me to marry him. I decided to say yes. That was 29 years ago. It was a good decision! Moral of the story – let fate take a hand in business too!

Thanks To: Christine Scioli of Zan Media

19. Minimize Business Travel

The Spouse’s Thoughts: I have been involved with quite a few start-ups the past 25 years. Some of them required significant business travel. My wife would prefer that I choose opportunities that do not involve heavy travel.

Thanks To: JR Rodrigues of Job Hunt Express

20. Relax, It Will All Work Out

The Spouse’s Thoughts: Step back and relax more often. One way or another it will come together even if not the way you imagined…when the next great deal does not close or the best client postpones your work, there will be something to fill the void – maybe not as lucrative, maybe not what you hoped for, but whatever happens, you will be able to deal with it! In constantly dealing with the unexpected, you’ll get more flexible, more agile, and stronger for the future. Being an entrepreneur requires it!

Thanks To: Holly G. Green of The Human Factor, Inc.

21. My Wife Is The Risk Taker!

The Spouse’s Thoughts: My wife has always been 100% supportive of my entrepreneurial endeavors…and often has many great ideas of her own which is a great bonus. It is an empowering feeling to have your significant other not only support your efforts but to have them contribute their ideas as well. There is absolutely no way I could run the businesses that I do without her encouragement and full deep down support! Thanks honey!!

Thanks To: Jim DeBetta of DeBetta Enterprises

22. My Hubby Is My Hero!

The Spouse’s Thoughts: If there’s anybody who has been in my corner consistently it’s my sweet hubby. He really is my biggest fan. He supports me financially, emotionally, does the grunt work,runs errands with the best of them. If I could delegate a task it would be “cruise host”. Once on board he is so charming with the members of our group,(while I am a bit frazzled) He is good with people, particularly patient giving the older ladies a strong arm to hold, giving tours of the boat(Coast Guard Chief). He’s the

Thanks To: Sandy Wheeler of Sandy Wheeler Travel Specialties

23. Sell Hard But Not A Hard Sell

The Spouse’s Thoughts: My wonderful significant other is a life-long salesperson! I, on the other-hand, am not, or so I thought. A year ago I was saying I wasn’t a salesperson and he was saying that I was – and a good one too. Eventually I realized that if I was not my own salesperson, who was?
With his incredible coaching I have gotten much better and it has gotten easier.
He would definitely make the decision that we should be selling harder, but he would never advise using a hard sell technique.

Thanks To: Ellen DePasquale of Efficient Office Computing

24. What’s For Dinner?

The Spouse’s Thoughts: During the past nine years, my husband and business partner has given far too much responsibility when it come to our business. Are we in each other’s way? Possibly. But I need to focus on the future and I do see opportunities that will pull us out of this downturn. Clearer vision, crate, extra time, focus, repeat. (Un)Balance this with family and marriage responsibilities and you have one tired woman! We’re in this together.

Thanks To: Joann Sondy of Creative Aces Corp.

25. Doesn’t Have A Clue

The Spouse’s Thoughts: My husband doesn’t have a clue what I do. After participating in 6 start-ups, I started one, and since one is never enough, got involved in another. My lovely husband of 25 years knows better than to question the wild ride we’re on – best to enjoy the journey and see where it lands. I love what I do, and the people I support. In his unknowing way, he’s quite proud of me. My kids are very proud of me, too, and that makes it all worthwhile. Doing my best to create the next gen entrepreneurs.

Thanks To: Renee Lewis of Pensare Group

26. Can I Make An Appointment 2cu?

The Spouse’s Thoughts: Having a busy psychotherapy practice already, I’m now creating an online interactive presence for my two passions: mindful parenting and fostering resilience in women. My guy started feeling like he lived at Motel 6, “leaving a light on” for me because I’d be up late wrestling the computer. After turning down his offer to “help”:=D he decided to get me permanent tech support. Now, we see each other much more. A good motive led to a GREAT solution!!

Thanks To: Sue Mandel of Sue Mandel, PhD, MFT

27. Don’t Change A Thing!

The Spouse’s Thoughts: Keep doing what she’s doing, FIGHTING me all the way!!! It’s the only way I stay focused on the right things. Thank you, dear.

Thanks To: Mike Blackstone of Mentor International Inc

28. Keep Laughing With Me

The Spouse’s Thoughts: One thing my wife can do is to keep laughing with me. Our relationship is fun and we share stories and ideas that are inspiring and entertaining. Life is short and you have to make the most of it.

Kim: No matter what, baby keep laughing with me.

Your Husband,
Derrick Hayes

Thanks To: Derrick Hayes of WOE Enterprises

29. Don’t Stop Dreaming

The Spouse’s Thoughts: Sometimes life feels like one big, long dream…even when we are awake! My spouse’s ONE decision for my entrepreneurial journey is keep on dreaming and make your dream a reality! Do whatever it takes and keep believing in yourself and your business. Failure is just an opportunity to pick yourself up and try harder the next time!

Thanks To: Lori Reader of Loveable Look-a-Like Doll

30. Focus Focus Focus!

The Spouse’s Thoughts: Stop spreading yourself thin all over the place and getting seduced by all these emails promising riches!

Do one thing to the max!

Thanks To: Philippe Maman of MaxiMedias

31. Learn To Turn Off!

The Spouse’s Thoughts: If my husband could make one decision for me, it would be when to turn my computer (and my brain) off! As an entrepreneur, I know that down time is critical to productivity. You need to keep healthy, balanced and energized to do your best. Yet I find this so hard for me to do. I tweet while watching Dexter; campaign concepts come to me while reading bedtime stories to my 3-year old; social conversations inspire new ways of viewing business solutions. Typical entrepreneur, right?

Thanks To: Denise McVey of S3 (advertising, marketing & pr)

32. Only One?

The Spouse’s Thoughts: My husband has to make many corporate decisions based on only 25% of the information. My business partner and I tend to make our decisions based on 80-90% of the information. Since we usually arrive at the same conclusion for my entrepreneural journey, he just wishes I’d get there sooner!

Thanks To: Julie McWherter of prettySMART! LLC

33. The Money, Baby!

The Spouse’s Thoughts: If he would decide to handle the organization of the money, that would be so helpful. He is great with the logging in of receipts, costing products, and managing the time it takes to complete a project in financial terms for his business. I’m right brain, for goodness sake,–I just want to create designs–and think of funny stuff!

Thanks To: Gwen Gardner of Simply Chickie

34. Livin’ The Lifestyle

The Spouse’s Thoughts: The Snoloha brand is completely based around promoting a lifestyle. And this lifestyle does not include time behind a desk or in an office. The one decision my wife always helps me with is making it a point to actually live the lifestyle that I am selling. “You have to live it to sell it” she reminds me. As much as I enjoy living it, getting bogged down in the business end of things can be too easy. So her ability to make me “escape” is extremely important in my entrepreneurial endeavor

Thanks To: Rod Call of Snoloha

35. Show Him The Money

The Spouse’s Thoughts: My husband, bless his Wharton-educated soul, wants to manage my company’s finances as CFO. He’s fine with my strategy, hiring, marketing, etc., but he would like to review all profit and loss statements with a fine-toothed comb.

Thanks To: Mistina Picciano of Market It Write

36. Business Is Business

The Spouse’s Thoughts: My significant other always helps me with my decisions. He knows Identity pretty well, but there is one thing he will always be better than me at… business is business. Do not feel bad when invoicing, asking for return favors, and being stern with contracts. He knows I thrive on customer service and thinks that I tend to do too much for my clients when I have been burned a few times. Therefore, he could and would make my money decisions and how much I do for my clients if I allowed him to :)

Thanks To: Susan Vernicek of S&J Identity – Identity Magazine

37. What My Hubby Would Decide

The Spouse’s Thoughts: Hmmm.. Although extremely supportive, my loving husband has been really drumming it into my head lately that I need to get much more aggressive about pursuing public speaking engagements myself. For the last few months, I’ve been delegating the task of finding possibilities to a VA, with mixed results. In any case, that hasn’t been too cost effective, so I’ve finally agreed with him that I’ll start doing that cold calling myself. Perhaps I’ve been engaging in a bit of avoidance??

Thanks To: Lily Iatridis of Boomerang Presentations

38. Cutting The Ties!

The Spouse’s Thoughts: If there was one thing by husband could make a decision on would be when to cut the ties with clients!

I am such a softy and allow people to take, take & take some more. My husband is really good at determining when enough is enough and the ties should be cut or just say no. It is about creating a balance and keeping the value in what we do. Let’s just say we play good cop, bad cop! LOL

You have to find value in what you do or others will see no value in your products/service

Thanks To: Robin Hardy of MMPA-Marketing, Media & Production

39. Smart Growth Is Creative

The Spouse’s Thoughts: My partner would want me to share the good, the bad and the ugly. Together we then could make a decision about how best to proceed basically a plan of attack. Bottom line involvement, engagement and total transparency.

Thanks To: Jerry Pollio of CMT Realtime Updates

40. I Can’t Carry Your Emotions

The Spouse’s Thoughts: One vital decision would be for him to get his ego out of the way and lose the feeling that he is being side-lined for her interests and business. By turning his thoughts into walking together, side by side and hand in hand, sharing and supporting her as she builds an amazing future for everyone, who needs her to cook at the same time? Without his ego she will have the freedom and support to create an amazing success, that will feed them both in more ways than food ever will in the future.

Thanks To: Carol Dodsley of Choose Changes

How to Make Money With Teleseminars


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Do you ever wonder how those folks offering free teleseminars ever make money?

I’ll let you in on three secrets. 

First, making money with teleseminars is a great goal…however, don’t overlook the importance of building your email list with teleseminars as well.  Many people from all over the globe have registered for my teleseminars and continue to receive information and promotions from me. 

Second, teleseminars are a great way to deliver good content that you can then repurpose (reuse) in other information products that you can sell.  Here are just some ideas to get you started:

1) Record your teleseminars and post the audios in a membership only library on your website or blog.  Members pay a fee to join.

2) Record your teleseminars and turn them into a CD that you can sell or send for free to people who will share their postal address with you.  Gathering postal addresses is becoming more important as people are inundated with emails that they don’t open.

When you have their postal address, you can send direct mail pieces like postcards and letters (monitor the change of address as well).

3) Have your recorded teleseminar transcribed – you can then combine the CD and transcript and sell them as an information product.  You might “beef it up” with additional bonus pages and reports.

4) If you have several related teleseminars or a multi-part teleseminar series, you can create several CDs with transcripts and create a home study kit.  These can sell from $97 to $997 depending on the topic and volume.

Topics that are targeted to a very special niche are good candidates for the higher dollar information products.  For example, you could sell a “time management for busy professionals” information product.  If you instead created “time management for dentists” you’d command more money.  You’d have to use their jargon and know something about the demands of their work to customize your content to them but you don’t need to be a dentist!

Third, teleseminars are a great way to gather information for a book or for a coaching group or a teleseminar series.  Hold a teleseminar on your topic area and leave plenty of time for participant questions. 

Have it transcribed and note your answers, in your words, to their questions.  You find out what your audience’s concerns are, how you provide solutions and where you might need to do research to get more information.

Now you’re on your way to creating your next information product –the biggest secret is that you’ll want to create several products –once someone loves your product they WILL want more.

Ready to get into action?  “Launch Your Teleseminar in 14 Days: Make $100,000 Income Sharing Your Interests and Passions” at is a complete training in Teleseminars which opens the door to unlimited opportunities. My clients who use it say “I’ve been putting off using teleseminars because I didn’t know how to begin –now I know!” In addition to discovering how to create powerful teleseminars, you’ll get tips on how to leverage them into information products for profit, and free coaching with me to be sure you USE the information and much more.

Unemployed: Challenge AND Opportunity


I spoke today at an unemployed support group sponsored by the State of CA.  My topic was “Turning Interests Into Income.”  There were about 100 people there.

Looking out at the sea of faces I saw pretty much two things.  Resignation or a spark of excitement as they considered ways to generate income without having a j.o.b.

My heart goes out to all folks who are involuntarily unemployed AND I was reminded that I’m not to work with everyone -because self employment is not for everyone.

So I focused on those with that beautiful “spark” of hope and possibility.  What a privilege it is to be allowed into someone’s life -even briefly -during their biggest challenges.

I am so grateful for the work I’m able to do and I’m so grateful for YOU!

P.S.  Here’s another Providence photo -that’s the gorgeous State House with the leaves just starting to turn color -I’m building a new website (a.k.a a new profit center) called

state house small

Ask Ann


Dear Authentic Lifers,

I just realized that the “Ask Ann” form we put on my webpage isn’t working…so…if you have asked me question in the last month or so…please know I’m not ignoring you -I never got it!

My web guy just fixed it -but in the meantime, I want to invite all of you to post a question here and I’ll give an answer next week (week of Nov 16 and beyond).

I’m leaving tomorrow on a vacation to celebrate my wedding anniversary, my birthday and my husband’s birthday.

So go ahead, got a question about self employment? Ask away. I look forward to supporting you because, if self employment would be your ideal lifestyle,  I want you to enjoy your life as much as I love mine!

P.S. I went back to my home state of RI in October -here’s my favorite beach in the world.  It’s called Galilee.

Dunes of Galilee

Fishing Boat

Living a Rich Life Without a Job


My current coaching clients are all in the process of becoming self employed. They’re excited (and so am I). And they’re thinking about how to creatively make money doing what they love. Are you considering becoming a “free agent”? If so, here are some questions to ask yourself:

What topics/subjects really interest me?
How could I be paid to inform people about this interest?
How could I be paid to provide people with a service related to this interest?
How could I be paid to perform this interest for other people?
How could I be paid to create products related to this interest?
How could I be paid to assist people who are focused on this interest?
How could I be paid to learn more about this interest?

You may find that you have several interests. And if that’s the case you may want to pursue more than one. Imagine if you could live 5 different lives and in each you get to go deeply into different interests. Here’s my list (you can have more or less than 5 if you like!): I’d be a writer, traveler/tour guide, teacher, sex therapist, and singer. How can you indulge in all your interests in one lifetime? You can pursue your interests sequentially –doing one a time for a period of time. You can do some of them simultaneously. You may work on them in alternate blocks of time -6 months a year on one, 6 months on another. And, sometimes you can combine interests. For example, I may choose to combine my love of travel with writing and be paid for travel articles.

I’ve noticed that my clients tend to focus on their “options” and that these options are limited by their previous experience. Instead, I invite you to ask “What is possible?” You may want to have this conversation with another person to help expand your “possibility” thinking. Please know that you absolutely can earn money by providing value –not time.

As you begin this exploration, fear will most likely creep in. The best antidote for that is to remind yourself that you can only live one day at a time. Don’t try to forecast too far out in the future. You can take a step today towards fulfilling work and that step may lead you to a very unexpected, exciting place that you could never have foreseen. Just keep taking steps and moving forward. AND, get support! As Barbara Sher says, “Dreams Die in Isolation.”

Your Honesty is Your Originality


I took a workshop last weekend (life long learning rocks) on writing and speaking with Barbara Sher –one of my heroes. She said something that immediately dissipated any lingering doubt I had about not having anything original to say.

She said “your honesty is your originality.” That’s it. HELLO…I called my biz Authentic Life Institute for a reason! My life has been about being very very true to who I really am and helping others to do the same.

So I hereby officially release any doubt that I have nothing new to say. Look out because my originality is feeling very free and ready to shake up a lotta lives. And I hope one of them is yours!

November is an important month for me –many milestones have occurred during November including my wedding last year on the 12th, my birthday on the 13th and my wonderful husband Ted’s b’day on the 14th!

I’d love for you to join me on a call –my birthday gift to you –where you can ask me anything you’d like about self employment –how to get started, how to choose an idea, how to get clients/customers, how to grow an existing biz, how to set up systems, how to manage team –anything at all. Open Q&A. Rare opportunity for 1-1 coaching with me.

No registration. No recordings. Be there live – November 16 3:00 pm Pacific/6:00 pm Eastern 712-432-3900 Conference Access Code: 117957

OR post your question here and I’ll post an answer.

Client Attraction: 3 Keys to Getting Ideal Clients


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Getting clients and customers is the #1 need I hear from my clients. If you don’t have your client attraction system in place, you have no business!

Strategy #1. What do you do?

You’ve got to have a short, great answer when someone asks you this question. Start by knowing who your ideal client is so you can identify them with your answer to “what do you do?” You have to know who you are talking to every single time you write an email to your list, or create an ad, or write website copy. Who are you talking to?

Create a composite person who possesses every great quality all your ideal customers have. Then, every time you write or speak or do other marketing activities, you are speaking to that ONE person. This is the most powerful client attraction magnet –so you must master it.

You can start with demographics like age range, income levels, geographical area where they live but then expand it to how they are thinking, what they are feeling, what do they want from you. Write it out. Say it aloud to your coach or trusted buddy. Change your marketing materials if needed to speak directly to this wonderful person who you can’t wait to serve. And watch the calls/emails come in!

Strategy #2. What Makes You Different?

Here are some of the ways I am different from many business coaches. I love my clients and am not afraid to tell them so. I value relationships and it shows -I have long term relationships with many, many clients –many have worked with me for nine years or more.

I have been in my client’s shoes and know what they’re feeling and know how to express that to them while giving them a vision of the possibilities of their future along with practical action steps to take in the present.

I have invested a ton of money and time into learning how to create a portable and prosperous lifestyle and share all that I have learned freely with others.

I bring a consciousness of spiritual principles to all I do –including business.

I am introverted and love working alone from home, AND have challenged myself to bust through perceived limitations and fears to bring my work into the world in a big way through speaking, creating information products and facilitating coaching groups…thus I serve as a role model for others with similar doubts and fears.

So give some thought to all your unique quirks. What makes YOU different? I’d love to know –leave a comment in the blog section so we can all see it!

Strategy #3. What is the Outcome Your Clients Get?

Big, big mistake I see in just about every new business owner (and I did it too!). They talk about the FEATURES of their service or product and not the BENEFIT to the client.

Example –my Success Circle –features include a monthly teleclass including laser coaching with me, audio recordings, weekly audio coaching minutes and a weekly online journal.

Some of the many benefits of the program are that participants take action more consistently and quickly resulting in increased clients and money in their business. They have support and are able to ask those questions that may feel “dumb” in a safe space.

What is the outcome your clients get? Get clear on these 3 things and you are far ahead of most business owners.

PR Basics for Your Entrepreneur Success- Part II


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Are public relations a big mystery to you?  Have you avoided creating your PR plan because you just don’t know where to start?  Well the good news is most PR is free and I’m going to show you how to begin. Here are 3 more success tips (see last issue for the first 3 tips) that you can implement RIGHT now to get the exposure you need to be seen as an expert and to become a “go to” person in your field.

Success Tip #1.  Hold a Contest

Everyone loves a contest.  They’re fun, generate client interest and they can get attention from the media.  You can send a press release announcing the contest, keep the media posted throughout and then let them know about the winner(s). 

You can create a contest around your business birthday, when you release a new product or service, or to celebrate holidays.  You can use local celebrities to serve as judges to boost visibility.  Don’t forget to get contact information and email addresses for everyone who enters the contest.  It’s a great way to add to your marketing list.

Success Tip #2.  Use Social Media

I use Linked In, Facebook and Twitter.  The key to success with these tools is to establish relationships with people online –don’t just sell to them-especially when you first meet. 

I have to admit, I resisted Twitter for a long time after I saw that many people would post the trivia of their life –I really didn’t care what time they got up or what they ate for breakfast.

I’m now a convert.  Using social media is a great way to build your list and get noticed (you could also announce your contests here!).  I have had people refer my work to their “friends” (that’s what you’re called when you join someone’s facebook page).  I am reaching people I never would have through these amazing networks. 

No, I don’t fritter away my time.  I spend an average of 15-20 minutes a day nurturing these networks.  AND I don’t have to get dressed and drive anywhere to meet all these nice folks!

Success Tip #3.  Write Press Releases

You can use press releases to announce the launch of your website or blog, to draw attention to a new service offering, your contests, industry groups you’re joining, and pro bono work.  Make press releases a part of your marketing calendar so you don’t forget to do this.   Type “how to write a press release” into Google and you’ll see plenty of samples and formatting tips.

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