I’ve thought a lot about how to accomplish goals and whether or not I should bother.  Probably like you, I was never taught to set goals as a child.  When I hit college, I had an amazing writing instructor who gave us a long list of fiction novels we’d be reading and weekly writing assignments.

She set us up for success.  Now this may sound simple, but to me it was a huge aha moment.  She told us to look at the number of pages we needed to read that week and to divide that number by the seven days we had to read and voila!  I now knew how many pages I had to read each day…and I knew if I skipped  a day to go to the beach, that I’d have to add those extra pages to my daily reading for the rest of the week.

It really hit me that I had been living a life with no goals.  Oh…there were vague yearnings about things I wanted to do like travel and things I wanted to have…but I never set an actual goal to achieve them.

Other times,  I think that living without goals sounds best.  Just get up in the morning, see what the day brings and do what I’d like.

For now, I’ve settled on a happy medium.  I believe that setting great goals has stretched me into being even more of who I am and serving more people with my talents and strengths.  It’s also helped me increase my income while doing things I enjoy.

AND, I’m sure to allow plenty of time each week to just follow my heart with no goals in sight.

This works for me… I’d love to hear your comments about goal setting!