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What Are You Grateful For In Your Entrepreneur Business


Here we are in my favorite season of gratitude.

I asked several entrepreneurs to share what they are grateful for in their business life. Here’s what they said.

1. Being the Boss.

I am grateful everyday that I do not have to work for someone else.
I love being the boss, I get to sleep late, have 3 hour lunches, take off when I feel like it and work hard when the creativity is flowing. If you are not grateful, you need to create what you want so you can be more grateful. To get started, be grateful for some part of your business that you do like or enjoy. This primes the pump.

Thanks to: Doris Jeanette, Psy.D. of Center for New Psychology

2. Possibilities.

I am grateful that I get to see in my work/business the resilience of the human spirit on a daily basis. “Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it.” ~Helen Keller~ That possibility is what keeps me going!

Thanks to: Wendy Young, LMSW, BCD of KidLutions: Solutions for Kids

3. Showing Up.

I am grateful that I am able to “show up” in so many situations. SHOWING UP at a variety of places to meet people and to see how you can also help them is a great way to have business come to you, and if you help enough people get what they want doors open that you never even imagined.

Thanks to: Robbie Motter of Robbie Motter

4. The Heart of a True Entrepreneur.

I am grateful about my business because I get to empower and change people’s lives. The greatest joy is finishing a client’s project and having them call excited & sometimes in tears (of joy). I am grateful that I am in control of what I do and the choices I make.

Thanks to: Robin Hardy of Robin Hardy

5. Grateful Thanks Equals Great Clients.

Having great clients is truly a blessing. I have learned when you
truly demostrate your gratefulness in all of your actions, you
will receive great clients. By adopting an authentic behavior
of thankfulness, gratitutde and respect, the end results are
great clients who are thankful for you as well.

Thanks to: Leanne Hoagland-Smith of Leanne Hoagland-Smith:The Results Coach

6. My 3 Pillars of Strength.

I am grateful for having the ability to create and go after a multitude of business projects; wonderful advisors to help me along the way; and a family who supports me 100%.

Thanks to: Carol Margolis of Smart Women Travelers

7. Helping others brings rich rewards.

During this time of Thanksgiving, I am most grateful to my audience, for allowing me to help them and letting me know that what I do makes a difference in their lives. Monetary rewards can never compare to the reward of knowing that one life was made better by one of my shows or articles, or because of the advice I gave to them. It is a blessing to have the opportunity to touch the lives of others in a positive way.

Thanks to: Tamara Walker, R.N., aka MomRN of MomRN

8. My Cornucopia of Clients & Creatives.

I am grateful to have clients who value my counsel and appreciate my creativity. I am equally blessed to be surrounded by brilliant creatives who inspire me to reach hypercreative mode. Most importantly, I am fortunate to have clients and creatives who can appreciate my offbeat sense of humor. When I go to work, I “go to play” and my work is the end result.

Thanks to: Denise Dorman of Write Brain Media

9.Grateful for smiles, coffee and you.

I am grateful for the smiles during the miles on the road
Grateful for the java hot offered when I’m not
feeling “hot.” Grateful for the amazing thank-you’s blazing
from satisfied customers.

Thanks to: Lynne Jarman-Johnson of The JJ Way

10.Flexible Hours.

What I am grateful for is we select our own hours, if your son’s birthday comes up you can take the day off and go to Disneyland or whereever. You can choose to work weekends or take them off. What I love about the business is the Internet has help us grow and expand to one of the fastest growing small business in San Fernando Valley.

Thanks to: George S. Mc Quade III of Mayo Communications

11.Control Your Own Future.

What I’m grateful for about my business IS my business. The chance to be my own boss, to control my own future and, to a certain extent at least, my own income. And nowadays when so many other people are hurting so badly, I’m extremely grateful that my business not only endures but thrives. I couldn’t be luckier.

Thanks to: Barry Maher of Barry Maher

12.Giving Thanks for Awesome Partners.

I am grateful for my two amazing business partners! As a women-owned business, we have many obstacles to overcome, but even greater opportunities ahead of us. Having great team members is the key to success and I feel truly blessed to be among such great company.

Thanks to: CJ Scarlet of The Roving Coach

13. I Get Paid For This.

I am grateful that as a designer and publisher of hand knitting patterns, I have the great pleasure every day of assessing yarn and how best to use it in a knitted design. To create a design and knit a garment is a satisfying occupation but the icing on the cake is being able to pass on that knowledge to others so they in turn can feel the same sense of satisfaction.

Thanks to: Maddy Cranley of Maddy Craft

15. Passionate Fans.

I’m so grateful for passionate Objets fans who become friends! I just hosted a swish shopping event that turned into a social cocktail party. Everyone mingled, made new friends, and styled each other. Truly a wonderful blending of retail, friendship, fun.

Thanks to: Kirsten Goedeof Objets d’Envy

16. Gratitude for Gratitude.

I am grateful for my customers. It’s because of my customers’ gratitude that I do what I do. We create pet memorials, grave markers, urns, etc. You’d think I’d be crying tears of sadness for the stories I hear, but more often I’m crying tears of joy for the heartfelt emails of gratitude we receive. It makes all of my hard work SO worth it.

Thanks to: Colleen Mihelich Peternity

17. Working long hours from home with family nearby.

I am grateful for the ability to work long hours at home to help put my clients on the map locally, regionally, nationally, and Internationally while having my warm, loving, and understanding family within reach.

Thanks to: Barry Sigale Sigale Public Relations

18. When you own, you don’t have to be alone.

When I started my consulting practice, I found it very isolating working from home, and I suspected other women felt the same way. So seven years ago I started Company of Women. This was to be a sideline but when over 165 women turned up to the first event, I knew I was on to something. Today we have over 420 members, I get to meet amazing women and it is exciting to see them blossom and grow both professionally and personally.

Thanks to: Anne DayCompany of Women

19. Working in My Slippers.

I am grateful that I get to see my kids all day. I work from home publishing websites and books. I wear comfy clothes and slippers and most of the time my kids are playing in the same room. Flexible hours, an understanding husband, and a helpful mom make this possible!

Thanks to: Jennifer Bright ReichMommy MD Guides

20. Longtime Dreams Can Be Reality.

I am grateful that my freelance editing business afforded me the opportunity to publish Migraine Expressions, a beautiful and useful book of migraine art and literature that had been my dream for years!

Thanks to: Betsy Baxter BlondinWord Metro

Top 10 Things to be Grateful For


1. You’re breathing. You owe your life to the world not the other way around. How are you sharing you natural gifts with others?
2. You have a roof over your head. I’m guessing that you do if you have time to read Top Ten lists!
3. You have enough food in your stomach. Again, an assumption but if you’re reading this, I bet its true.
4. You have a computer. You’re reading this on it right?
5. There is something beautiful that you can look at right now. It may be in your home or outside -check out that flower or cloud.
6. You have online friends. You do, don’t you? If not, join us on twitter.
7. You have opportunities and possibilities. Yes you do. Unlimited. Really.
8. The sun will rise and set. And you don’t even have to do anything.
9. You can read -therefore you can keep learning. Life long learning rocks.
10. You’re able to read Top Ten Lists. Fun, huh?

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