You can imagine how pleased I was when asked if I would contribute one of my self employment success products to Dave Dee’s upcoming product release.

Dave is combining his efforts with Alexis Martin Neely, the former attorney turned marketer who had such huge success helping others do what she used to do (market her law firm) that she no longer had time to work as an attorney.

Now they are offering 5 Step Formula to Add 6 Figures to Your Business THIS YEAR & Re-Ignite Your Passion While You Do It and I’m giving you a big head start because I know that you understand marketing.
Listen carefully to what I’m about to tell you…

On July 3rd at NOON ET (9:00 AM PT), Dave and Alexis are conducting a live, FREE teleclasss during which they will share their 5-Step Formula to Add 6 Figures to Your Business THIS YEAR & Re-Ignite Your Passion While You Do It.

Registration for this exciting call is open now! Believe me, if it’s like anything else these two have done, the registration will close very quickly.

Dave’s magic is not just with a hat and a rabbit (he really was a magician)- his marketing ideas are terrific and once people learn about this call, all the phone lines will be gone (and that’s why people need to register NOW).

I believe so much in these two that I have created an information product for them to GIVE AWAY FREE just so people will get TONS of bonuses to join this call. You’ll see my photo on their information page where you’ll learn about my information as well as information from MANY others.

NOTE – You have to purchase NOTHING to get ALL these bonuses FREE… just be sure you register for the call NOW and then listen to it. Complete details about the call are on their site and to get a head start on registering, go to:

Dave Dee and Alexis Martin Neely’s Teleseminar Signup – Click Here NOW!

Please jump into this before all the reservations for the phone line are taken. If you don’t want all the great information on the call, at least see all the free giveaway items that you will get just for being ON the call.

TONS of free materials from today’s exciting internet marketers. You are in for a HUGE treat.

Tons of Free Marketing Materials By Some Of The Internet’s BEST and Most Creative Minds – Click Here To Learn

Igniting Your Entrepreneurial Spirit,

Blissfully working from home since 2000, succeeding in this economy

P.S. Listening to this teleclass could be a life-changing moment for you. I have used several of Dave’s products and paid him for them and get referral fees when I help sell any of his: he’s quick, sharp, insightful. And Alexis, who recently sold her law practice just to concentrate on her internet businesses (because she was earning over 7 figures), is a real winner. Seriously – Register for the call now.

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