I’ve been self employed for 10 years and coach others over 40 to enjoy the life first/work second lifestyle. My top 5 reasons:

1. FREEDOM! I enjoy and choose to work 30-35 hours a week AND I get to choose when I write, teach teleseminars and coach.

2. FREEDOM Part II: I get to choose WHERE I work. My home office, the local funky coffee shop or at the harbor overlooking the Pacific ocean.

3. Working alone most of the time. This is perfect for me! I love several hours a day in complete silence. But do know, you can get out to coffee shops and networking meetings and have as much interaction as you like…your choice!

4. Choosing projects and clients I love. I get to say no.

5. More vacation time. No more 2-4 weeks of vacation time. I take 4-6 weeks a year in addition to 3-4 weeks of professional development conferences.