How to Write Award Winning Grant Proposals

Attention: Writers and Grant Writers…

“How Would You Like To Have A CASH FLOW SURGE And Create A Six Figure Profit Center In Your Business (or bring in lots more money to your non-profit agency) While Making a Difference In the World?”

Are YOU Ready To Be a Masterful Grant Writer Enjoying A Six Figure Income and a Portable Lifestyle? OR Would You Love Being Part of a Nonprofit Organization Staff And Bringing In Plenty of Funding For The Good Work They Do?

If the answer is YES, I have great news for you.

I can show you how to make it happen now.

In this “How to Write Award Winning Grant Proposals: Secrets From a Six Figure Grant Writer” home study kit I will share with you my system of writing excellent proposals quickly and enjoyably.

By the end of the four session program, you will be poised to launch or grow your own grant writing business or position yourself powerfully as an employee of a nonprofit organization. So, a new profit center and new skills are one of the major results. But here’s the truth. You are not only going to get monetary results, but truly transformational results as well.

In fact, I bet that many of you will finally raise your fees or your income levels. To put it simply, you will be completely ready to use your gift for writing, get paid for it and breakthrough to the next level in world of work.

“Thank you so much for the great presentation and for sharing your insights with us on how to be successful grant writing consultants. You gave us information that can be implemented right away. You are an amazing resource for all of us!

Lisa Garcia-Ruiz
CEO, The Grant Hunter

In this four part audio series I will walk you through my system to writing award winning proposals that you can use over and over to make your writing powerful and quick. You will receive templates and checklists and all the practical know how I’ve got. I am making it as easy as possible for you to create your very own profit center as quickly as possible or increase your value substantially as a non-profit employee.

Here’s what we’ll cover in each of our sessions together:

Session 1: Finding Available Grants and Ensuring That They are a Good Fit for your Agency or Client
Learn the latest strategies to quickly finding grant opportunities and create a system that’ll make it simple to share what you find with clients who are grateful for your services.
Session 2: 10 Part Grant Writing Plan to Systemize Your Work So You Spend Less Time While Making More Money: (Parts 1-5)
By the end of this session, you will know exactly how to gather the critical information you need for the proposal, you will learn the best places to find statistics to back up your need statement and secrets to leading the grant writing team so they see you as the expert who can guide them with less stress through the grant writing process.
Session 3: 10 Part Grant Writing Plan (Parts 6-10)
Take the mystery out of “logic models”, learn the language of “evaluation plans” and create budgets that will put you heads above other grant applicants.
Session 4: Q&A
Listen in as Ann answers questions and shares her experience that have brought more than 15 million dollars to nonprofits and educational organizations.

By the end of this program, you’ll know everything you need to know to and have everything you need to have so you can launch or grow your grant writing business, land a job in a nonprofit agency, or make yourself invaluable to your current non-profit employee -you will grow your money with meaning lifestyle.

Plus, you’ll get lots of downloadable bonuses!

  • Best questions to ask to gather the most important information about an organization for the “organization profile” section of the grant.
  • How to help your client or nonprofit design a program that serves their mission while appealing to the grant funders
  • Sample Work Plan -to keep everyone moving toward the deadline
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) Review Form -an invaluable resource you can quickly share with nonprofit staff who will be involved in the grant writing process
  • Proposal Checklist -never miss a detail that will lose you points in the grant review process
  • Sample Logic Model – you don’t need to reinvent the wheel!
  • Sample Budget – tips and tricks to using Excel to speed up the budget process
  • Finding Grant Opportunities Resource page
  • Grant Writing Resources
  • Grant Tracking Form

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