Everyday A Vacation Day: Interviews with Successful Entrepreneurs Who Have Created A Life They Love AND Plenty of Money

Kim Kapellusch

Kim Kapellusch of Academy of Staging (

Learn how Kim started her home staging business with no money, how she is expanding to a nationwide model with no financial investment up front, and tips on how being persistant, getting informed and learning trust were key to her financial success. Click here to listen…




Robbie Motter
Listen in as Robbie Motter (, of Contacts Unlimited, NAFE (National Association of Female Executives) Director, and show host of several Radio and Talk shows shares her tips on how to succeed as a home based entrepreneur. Robbie took the entrepreneurial leap at 49 years, while a single mom to three kids and has never looked back. Learn why she says it’s all about “Showing Up” and discover several resources that can help you succeed. (24 minutes) Click here to listen…




LisaimgLisa Marie Platske, CEO of Upside Thinking –

Lisa left a career in federal law enforcement to start her own company, Upside Thinking, which provides coaching and consulting to transform the way leaders approach their personal and professional lives.

Learn how Lisa used her core values of freedom and flexibility to create a live she loves. Discover how she reached out to a “board of advisors” to ensure her success – and how you can too!

You’ll be inspired by this woman -and you’ll hear that you can have a life you love too! Click here to listen…

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