Rashelle Brooks

“Having Ann Ronan as my career coach has helped me build my confidence, not only as a coach, but as an entrepreneur. As a result of our coaching sessions, I feel more confident about turning my coaching business ideas into action! Every person interested in becoming a career coach needs a coach as in-tune and personable as Ann to help guide them through the process of becoming a great coach and business owner.”

Rashelle Brooks www.workpluswealth.com Raleigh, NC


“You presented your Reinvent Yourself Workshop with enthusiasm, confidence and passion. It broke through my thoughts of conventional jobs and gave me the choice to be creative and authentic to who I am. It brought me into the realm of self-employment and will allow me to fulfill my dreams using multiple streams of income. You have given me the courage and confidence to change my thoughts about work and jobs. You showed me ‘out of the box’ thinking and I am very grateful to you.”

Blaire Bradley, www.drinkbazi.biz/feelinggroovy, Upland, CA

“Your workshop was full of information that was designed just for me! I loved that the tips you gave were practical. I am ready to get my goals marked out using the calendar system you taught us and I’m going to get into action NOW. I took you up on your generous offer of the affordable Success Circle as a follow up system to keep me moving forward in a clear and consistent path to reaching my dream of self employment. Thank you!”

Miselle Barnes, www.misellebarnes.lbri.com Pomona, CA

“Your presentation today was vintage Ann. Perfect! I could see your words were stirring thoughts among the audience and I loved the way you personalized your talk for Rotarians, reminding us of what we know and don’t often reflect upon.”

June Redick, Retirement Rollovers Inc., Upland, CA

“This was such a fabulous and productive process. Thank you so much for helping me find clarity!”

Dani McGee, Big Bear, California

“Ann’s work is amazing! I have been in complete transition…quit my job, moved 1500 miles, and am creating a new life. Ann has been there every step of the way, helping me to focus and remember who I am. Her process is truly life-impacting!”

Lori Nichols, Austin, Texas

“Your coaching has already helped me to acknowledge what I really want to do. I have been feeling very drained by many things in my life but what I realized is that on Mondays I am totally energized because of our phone sessions. This is definitely a turning point in my life – I see passion returning and a new path.”

B.K., Washington, DC

“What makes Ann different from a lot of people I have worked with is that she genuinely cares about helping you become a success. When you work with Ann you are not only working with a “coach” but you are working with someone who is all about helping you reach the goals you want to reach.”

Scott Leucher, St. Louis, MO

“I truly enjoyed our meeting yesterday. It made my whole day better. You are a fabulous facilitator. Because of the positions I have held with American Express, I have been fortunate enough to be exposed to many high-caliber trainers, facilitators, coaches, authors, etc. You rank up there with the best of them. You made it a very lively, safe, informative environment.”

Lori L Hoopingarner, Temecula, CA

“Ann, I would like to share with you one of the many ways I have benefited from the sessions I completed with you; I have realized success and satisfaction as I continue to accomplish my goals and aspirations.

My primary objective was to minimize my daily role at work, allowing the possibility to be a stay-at-home-mom for a soon-to-be adopted baby. As I worked with you to increase efficiency in the business, extra projects started coming in and people with specialized talents volunteered to join my organization. New opportunities developed and before I knew it my business had grown from regional to national scope, more than quadrupling billings within a few months.

My vision had been to reduce the amount of work my business took in, while increasing efficiency and minimizing expense; instead, it turned out to be an increase of workload in order to maximize efficiency while increasing profits. I attribute this success to your sessions which helped me to define my goal with sufficient clarity that I was able to walk the winding path which led to fulfillment. You presented to me a vision of abundance rather than scarcity, and that has made all the difference. Thank you for your help and wise counsel. I will keep you informed of my progress as I continue to realize my dreams.”

Lynn Diamantopoulos, Southern California

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