Do What You Love

I want you to do what you love.  That’s my mission.  And if you want to be paid to do what you love, all the better!  Sounds simple huh?  Then why are so few of you doing it?  Because it’s not all that simple after all. Take your lizard brain -nickname for the amygdala part of your brain. [Read more]

Goal Setting: The Quickest Way to Confidence

Do you find yourself struggling between setting goals and just living in the present moment?  There’s a tricky line to walk between the two.  If you’re constantly focused on the future and your goals, you may be missing out on wonderful moments in the here and now. [Read more]

Are You In The Game?

Something I see often in working clients, is that dreams often get stalled and even die because the person just didn’t get in the game. What do I mean by that? [Read more]

Potential: Are You Using Yours?

Astronomers recently discovered that there are three times as many stars in the universe than was previously thought. Up till now, they have seriously underestimated the number of other suns in other galaxies – and that means there must be many more planets orbiting them where other life forms might exist. Mind blowing! Which got me thinking…where are you seriously underestimating yourself? [Read more]

40 Day Focus

Many of you ask me how to choose from all your many ideas -which one should I work on NOW?  I also hear from many of you that you’re challenged by the “F” word (and I mean Focus!)  Here’s a powerful, easy 8 step system to choose your ideas, get them into action and completed. [Read more]

How To Solve Problems

What do you do when you hit a problem in your business? Maybe it’s how to generate more income, how to build a client list or how to create an information product. Too often you might find yourself getting stopped by a problem and just giving up. Here’s what you can do to get past those problems and on to doing what you love to do. (click here for article)

Repurpose Your Way To Making More Money With Less Effort and Time

What the heck do I mean by “repurpose?” Well it’s when you do one thing and then spin that one thing into many. Let’s take a look at how this might work. (click here for article)

Why Blog?

When I first heard of blogging, I said to myself –that looks silly and time consuming and how the heck could it help my business? And I buried my head in the sand for a couple of years. And then, one of my coaches started nudging me and showed me some practical reasons to blog. And now I’m hooked. Today I ‘m going to share with you the top reasons to blog and how to get started. (click here for article)

Not Good Enough?

My clients often feel like they are not good enough to be successful in business. Not smart enough, not savvy enough, don’t have enough experience, or money, or not attractive looks. I know the feeling. I’ve been there on some of these but I didn’t let them stop me. And I don’t want this to stop you on your path to doing work you love and being paid well for it. Here are 5 tips to get past the not good enough gremlins. (click here for article)

Authentic Living

Under all the messages you’ve received about yourself is the “real you”. How to uncover that you? It’s always there…it just needs some silence and support to emerge…these are tools most folks don’t take time to give themselves. (click here for article)

Building Your Business Income Streams So They Provide You a Continuous Flow Of All The Money You Need

I find that there are five huge mistakes entrepreneurs make when thinking about their upcoming income. Are you making any of these? (click here for article)

What Keeps You From Delivering a Teleseminar That Will Bring in New Clients and Money?: The Top Three Teleseminar Goal Stoppers

Why do you procrastinate when it comes to offering a teleseminar to boost your business and make money fast? I want you to move forward with offering your first teleseminar.  So I’m going to share with you the top three teleseminar goal stoppers. (click here for article)

Want to Make Money While You Sleep? Start Affiliate Marketing

What the heck is affiliate marketing you ask? It’s promoting other people’s products or services in return for a commission. It’s easy to do and can quickly bring in extra income for very little effort. Here are 4 simple steps to getting started. (click here for article)

Your Mindset and Your Money
The way you think and the beliefs you hold are reflected in how successful you are (success defined as YOU would like it!) and how much money comes into your life.

PR Basics for Your Entrepreneur Success- Part I
Are public relations a big mystery to you? Have you avoided creating your PR plan because you just don’t know where to start? Well the good news is most PR is free and I’m going to show you how to begin. Here are 3 success tips that you can implement RIGHT now to get the exposure you need to be seen as an expert and to become a “go to” person in your field.

PR Basics for Your Entrepreneur Success- Part II
Here are 3 more success tips (see last issue for the first 3 tips) that you can implement RIGHT now to get the exposure you need to be seen as an expert and to become a “go to” person in your field.

Do You REALLY apply the 80/20 Principle: Why ignore one of the most important success factors?
I can’t remember where I first heard about the 80/20 rule – Pareto’s Principle -a powerful success factor. I do remember that it sure got my attention. About 80% of effects come from 20% of causes.

Hot Trends: Five Ways to Make Money From Home
Working with people who want to start their own home based businesses is pure joy for me -it allows me to use my possibility thinking to the max. Once you start seeing all kinds of opportunities to make money…you won’t be able to stop!

How to Overcome Resistance in Your Home Based Business
I am often asked how I get so much done…running multiple profit centers while still having plenty of time for exercise, reading, learning and play. Here’s what I did, and continue to do.

Put Money In Your Pocket With Sizzling Sales Copy
Every self employed person needs to learn how to write successful sales copy. Sales copy is a different style of writing. Here are my four best tips to get you started.

How Entrepreneurs Can Build Self Confidence
I’ve recently read several research articles that find women exhibit a lack of self-confidence in their own abilities as entrepreneurs compared to men. Here are five tips to build your entrepreneurial confidence.

Creativity: The Successful Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon
You are absolutely unique. There is no one quite like you. So the way you look at the world, through your eyes, your mind is different than any one else’s. Successful entrepreneurs embrace this uniqueness.

Successful Self Employment: How to Create a Profit Center for Your Home Based Business
I’m in the process of creating a new profit center for my business and I thought it might help you to read about the four steps I’m following to create a successful (and fun) profit center.

Be Yourself: Imitation is Suicide
“Flaunt your quirks.” The quirkier the better.

What’s Love Got To Do With It?
That little four letter word has tons of different meanings in the English language. For the purpose of today’s article, let’s go with “affectionate concern for the well-being of others” and “strong predilection, enthusiasm, or liking for anything.” Learn the six ways to get people to like you.

Attracting Ideal Clients/Customers
This article focuses on one important aspect of your business -who you serve. Here’s an exercise I did when I first got started and if I find myself attracting people who are not ideal for me to serve, I revisit my vision to get clear again.

The New World of Work
With so much change in our economy and technology, old job descriptions are blurred and organizations must be able to adapt and change on a dime. Old style jobs get in the way of this new world of work in which temporary and contract jobs often make the most economic sense. Let’s just take a look at some of the possibilities of how your work may look in the future.

Get Your Article Written Today To Build Your List of Raving Fans
Writing articles is one of the top 5 marketing tools I used when I first started my business 10 years ago and it’s one I continue to use today. Here’s four tips to help you become a successful article marketer.

Speaking to Grow Your Business Part III: Marketing Tips to Fill the Room
There are several low/no cost ways to begin speaking. I would begin speaking for free -I did and it was a great way to build my database quickly. Here are my 4 favorite tips for building your reputation and becoming slightly famous with speaking.

Speaking to Grow Your Business: Why You Need to Conquer the Fear
What is it about speaking that makes it such a powerful marketing tool? Learn 3 benefits of public speaking.

Speaking to Grow Your Business Part II: Create a Presentation That Sells
I made the following 3 mistakes when I first started putting together presentations.

Reinvent Yourself
You can change your entire life one tiny bit at a time, you know. Is there one area of your life that you’d like to reinvent? This article discusses some of the obstacles that keep you from doing things you love and how to work around them.

4 Power Networking Strategies for Successful Self Employed Women
Learn what works in networking.

3 Steps to Choosing Authentic Goals and Achieving Them Easily!
I’m noticing that many of my clients have lots of trouble choosing goals. I ask them to set a 60 day WOW! goal and they freeze up… This problem has 3 reasons …I’ll give you each problem followed by a solution.

4 Proven Steps to Positioning Yourself As An Expert: Even When you Don’t Feel Like One!
My proven system for authentically positioning yourself as an expert.

4 Secrets to Setting Goals (Goals You’d Really Love to Achieve!)
Here are my best secrets for setting great WOW goals and achieving them.

4 Success Strategies for Getting and KEEPING Ideal Clients
Take one idea from this article today and make it a specific action step you will take, with a vision for what it will look like when you’ve accomplished it and a deadline for when you will do it.

5 Steps to Generating Authentic & Powerful Leads…FAST!
Here are 5 proven and powerful ways to fill your database with high quality leads who can’t wait to buy your products and services.

Faith It Till You Make It: 3 Steps to Authentically Grow Into Your New Business Identity
What keeps you from staying in action towards your desired goals? I can bet it’s that four letter word….FEAR. Taking what feels like a big risk can stop you cold. To help you past this fear, I’m going to share 3 things I did as I grew from my “feeling trapped but secure university professor self” into an entrepreneur who feels freedom, ease and grace while providing products and services to the world that ideally fit my life purpose and lifestyle choices.

Changing Direction Without Losing Your Mind or Your Money
Are you considering a career change? Are you thinking you’d like to be self employed but don’t know where to start? Each of you may be in different stages in the change game. Let me describe the possible stages you may be in right now and what to do right now, right where you are.

Common Fears and How to Work With Them
Here are some secrets to what you really need to know to start your business.

Best Home Based Businesses
If you are now considering self employment, I want you to know that there are many possibilities for you. Here are a few ideas to get your creative sparks going.

How would you like to Live Without a Job?
Are you considering becoming a “free agent?” If so, here are some questions to ask yourself.

The Millionaire Mindset
The purpose of this article is to get you thinking about the way you think about money.

Your Mindset Is the BIGGEST Key to Your Self Employment Success
Are you going through soul searching and inner work deciding whether to become self employed? You want your work to be meaningful, enjoyable and profitable. Where is your mind right now about all this?

Uncovering Your Passions
Some of you may have had an “aha” or life changing moment that made you aware of a passion. Others discover their passions through intuition – an internal knowing that this is it. Others come to a gradual awareness through their experiences. Here are 3 methods to uncovering your unique passions.

Starting a business? Here are Resources You Have Right Under Your Nose.
I have found, with the clients I work with, that they almost always underestimate the resources they already have right here and right now to get started on their new business. If you find yourself doing the same, let me remind you of what you have.

Want to Spend the 2nd Half of Your Life YOUR Way?
Are you considering self employment in order to live life they way you’d like? Nearly one in five pre-retirees say they want to start their own business after retirement. And many of you are chomping at the bit and want to start now – to heck with waiting for retirement. Although 80% of adults say they would work even if they didn’t have to, it’s a sad fact that the majority of them can’t wait to leave their current jobs and get home.

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