Create Your Second Life After 40

Is Your Job Relentlessly Draining Your Energy And Spirit?
Have you dreamed of a lifestyle that looks like this?

You wake up full of energy and enthusiasm for the day ahead…

You work where you like, when you like…

doing what you are on this planet to do…

only with people you choose to work with!

Or maybe your job is ok…

But you could sure use an extra $2,000 or more in your pocket each month…

you would pay down debt, take a dream vacation, enjoy an exquisite meal in a restaurant you thought you couldn’t afford…

You deserve it! And it is my joy to help you get there.

The “Create Your Second Life After 40: Live the Ideal Life You’ve Always Wanted” program is a step-by-step system that has already helped hundreds of people wanting to work from home in their own business.

“Create Your Second Life After 40: Live the Ideal Life You’ve Always Wanted”

Create Your Second Life After 40

Start Your Own Solopreneur Business, Doing What You Love With A Constant Flow Of Client Leads And Dollars…

And with support from me each step of the way, you can get started NOW!

Dear Entrepreneur,

What would it be like to work for yourself, doing work you love, providing your unique gifts to the world while making plenty of money?

Fantastic, right?

So what’s holding you back?

Don’t know how to start?

Fear of failing?

Don’t feel you have anything of value to offer?

You do. And it’s a disservice NOT to get it out there.

First of all…know that you DON’T have to take this big leap all at once…and you don’t have to do it alone.

You can create your own authentic business by taking key small steps. And you can do this without feeling like you’re “selling out”.

This home study kit will show you…

How to Break Through Your Powerful Illusions & Solve Your Toughest Self Employment Challenges… Easily and Authentically… So You Can Do Work You Love While Taking The Brakes Off Your Earning Potential.

You know that self employment is the ONLY way to have the Life First, Work Second Lifestyle you long for. And even better yet…

Now is the very best time to start a business! Our economy depends on it. There are currently 27 million small businesses in the United States, fueling ½ of our economy and creating 2/3 of all new jobs.

Right now costs are lower, you can get better talent for less, and people are a lot more receptive to entrepreneurs because of the fragile state of the economy. AND the economy is actually looking up. But even if it wasn’t, starting a business “now” is almost always better than starting it “later”.

And Gals…listen to this…

Research shows women have an edge in small biz (sorry guys!). Simply put, they’re better at building relationships with other women business owners, they support one another more and they’re focused on their customers and meeting their needs. All of this allows them to build stronger relationships both online and off.

So why not apply your natural “people skills” to increase your income?

Which brings us to money. It’s your business…so your income is not set by some institutional “grade level” that rewards seniority over performance or a boss who arbitrarily decides your worth.

My income has more than tripled since I left paid employment and it keeps going up each year! My Secret? Creation of multiple profit centers and information products.

Use this system to create your own multiple profit centers and learn exactly how to leverage your knowledge to create information products …You create once and make money over and over again…even making money while you sleep!

Starting your business is easier than you think. “Create Your Second Life After 40: Live the Ideal Life You’ve Always Wanted” shows you how.

This Home Study Kit contains a professional recording of a sold out live workshop I conducted, complete with word by word transcripts of the workshop and 3 CDS that you can listen to as often as you need to keep you motivated (a kick in the pants!) and moving in the direction of your self employment dream.

Read the workbook chapters, do the exercises, and within days you will be confidently taking your first baby steps towards making self employment a reality. You can get your business launched in 30 days or less if you like!

Here’s a peek at what’s revealed inside this information-packed program:

  • How to identify and overcome the powerful illusions that stop you from living your dreams
  • A simple proven technique you can use NOW to turn your fears into positive, powerful tools
  • Where to find five places…right under your nose… to create your first profit center
  • Unlock the secrets to getting information you need so you don’t let your dreams die
  • How to use the system all successful entrepreneurs rely on to take persistent and consistent action towards their goals … and more!

Get ready to create your ideal lifestyle while you prosper NOW with “Create Your Second Life After 40: Live the Ideal Life You’ve Always Wanted”

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“Dr. Ronan presented cutting edge marketing strategies to help chamber members grow their business -regardless of what the economy is doing. Her presentation was dynamic, chock full of valuable information and most of all…she inspired our members to take action. She takes a personable approach when speaking, sharing stories from her own life, and adds humor to keep everyone fully engaged. We highly recommend her for your speaking needs.”

Natalie Miller,
San Juan Capistrano Chamber of Commerce

“I truly enjoyed our workshop yesterday. You are a fabulous facilitator. Because of the positions I have held with American Express, I have been fortunate enough to be exposed to many high-caliber trainers, facilitators, coaches, authors, etc. You rank up there with the best of them. You made it a very lively, safe, informative environment.”

Lori L Hoopingarner, Temecula, CA


Every penny you invest in this valuable program is safely backed by my reliable, famous “100% no hassle, no time limit guarantee”

If for some reason, the program doesn’t live up to your expectations, simply return the home study course and I’ll refund your purchase out of my own pocket. You have my word on it!

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