I’m a possibility thinker.  I love helping others to dream big, to think of all the possibilities and then to choose one and get into action to make it happen.  Along the way, I’ve learned to embrace the word “limit”.  A word I never thought I’d like.  But here’s the thing.  Setting limits -limits that YOU choose -actually makes you more powerful.

When you set limits, you focus.  And focus is key to getting things done.  You set a goal, break it down to projects, break your projects down to tasks, set your limits, focus and get things done.  That leads to success after success.  And with each success you gain confidence.  You walk taller.  You shine brighter.  And all that attracts more possibilities, more opportunities, more joy, and more abundance.

So how do you set limits?  Here are 3 tips:

1.  Think of an area of your life that is overwhelming you.  Something that feels out of control.  Maybe you look at your desk and it’s a mountain of papers – every time you look at it you think of all the things you aren’t completing.  Or ever decide to check email and realize an hour later that you’ve just wasted your time focusing on a bunch of stuff that doesn’t matter?

2.  Pick one area.  Let’s use email for this example.  What are you currently doing?  Checking email 10 times a day?  Maybe more?  Do you have a sound alerting you each time an email lands in your inbox?

3.  Set a limit that makes sense to you.  Maybe you’ll decide to check email twice a day -at noon and before you end your work day.  Make it an experiment.  Try it for a week and see if you’re feeling more in control and getting more done on the things that are most important to you.  If you find it’s truly hurting your ability to serve your clients, revise your limits and try another experiment.  Once you find a limit that works, practice it for at least 21 days to make it a habit.  Now choose another area and set a new limit.

Try this and you will find that you’ll get overwhelm under control, feel less stress and get things done.  You’ll also find that people will respect your time more if you have limits.  So give it a try.  Post your new limit here on a comment and keep us posted on your success!