I’m on the roller coaster called change in my work life.  And I’m loving it.  After more than a decade of successful self employment, my work felt stale.

I was itching to do something new, something really fun.  I decided to walk my talk about “you gotta do what you love” by combining my love of travel, writing and speaking into a travel agency business with a focus on cruises.  The journey that began with research at the end of 2010 and started officially in March has been filled with lots of learning, plenty of joy and some moments of “I don’t know what I’m doing!”   With this change, I’m learning to manage my time in a new way so I can continue to bring in income from my current two income streams while investing enough time to nurture the new businesses.

Lessons learned so far (or I should say relearned!)

1.  Start where you are.  You might as well be happpy to begin right where you are and grow.   “To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly” said Henry Bergson.  It’ s ok to move on to new things.  When an interest is calling to you -explore it.

2.  Get in the game quickly.   I realized that I would become an expert more quickly if I put myself out into the world and talked with people about their travel dreams.  It ‘s a much richer, quicker learning curve this way.  I know it’s easier and feels safer to hide behind the computer and take all kinds of classes -this is good  – BUT it needs to be combined with action in the world.  Each action I take is a bit scary and that’s ok.  I’m only 3 months into the “game” and have made my first sales and have several other seeds planted that are about ready to sprout.

3.  You don’t have to figure out all the hows in order to get started.  Start with a small step and take it.  The “hows” remarkably fall into place in ways you can’t possibly see when you’re sitting in isoloation behind your computer.  Take a look at what successful people  in the field are doing.  Particpate in online forums.  Attend trade events.  And keep taking steps that engage you with your ideal client/customers.

How do you handle change?  Do you embrace it?  Push down the urges to grow and express yourself more fully because it’s scary?   Let us know what’s changing for you!