I went to a Catholic funeral last Friday for a woman I’d never met.  Why’d I go?  Her son, who I chat with at my local watering hole, invited me.  It was an honor and privilege to attend.  Here’s a bit of what the local newspaper said: “June Ramos, died at the age of 84 after living a long noble life…She was a lifelong member of the San Juan Capistrano community, a member of the Juaneño Tribe of San Juan Capistrano.”

Death’s gift to us is reminding us of what is important.  And attending that funeral, held in the beautiful San Juan Capistrano Mission, filled to the rafters with people from the community, reminded me of how important community is to me -it ranks high on my list of values.  And I love that phrase “she lived a long, noble life.”  I’d like that said about me.

I often talk about “success” at Authentic Life Institute.  Today I’m remembering how I define success – living where I want to live, hanging out with people I want to hang out with and doing things I like to do (most of the time -we all have to go to the dentist every now and then!)  And living a noble life -that to me means serving others with my gifts.  And saying only kind words or none at all.  And being involved with my community.

I’m curious about how you define “success.”  Post your answer here -I’d love to see it!