I’ve been happily traveling for the last few weeks.  I actually like airports -weird as that might sound!  I spent a day in New Jersey with Mike Michalowicz, one of my coaches, and author of the infamous  Toilet Paper Entrepreneur – he shared ideas about effectively using email marketing -a golden nugget from him – make the  emails you send to your prospect list text only and write as if you’re writing to a good friend.  I see a lot of successful women entrepreneurs who use fancy email templates with several sections in their email newsletters -but the guys I watch tend to use just text.  What do you think?  I’ve been doing the fancy route and am now testing out the plain text -I’ll let you know how it goes. 

After the NJ adventure with Mike, I spent several days in Providence, RI visiting family and gathering info for my Providence Lover website.  

And then, I spent five amazing days with Barbara Sher and nine other powerful and provacative people at the cozy yet sprawling 17 bedroom Saluda Inn in North Carolina.  Most of us were interested in learning how to write a nonfiction book and how to get well paid speaking gigs…but the real meat of the retreat (retreat my a**, I worked my butt off!) was getting very clear about what we love and how we can spread our message.  A nugget from Barbara “You can’t think of anything you can’t have -if you get to the heart of it -you can have it.”

You KNOW that this is my mission -to get you to acknowledge what you love and to do whatever that is – and yes, if you’re hanging out with me, I’m sure there are many things you love and YES you can do them all!  So do something today that makes you happy -even a tiny step is good.  Would love to see you comment about what you plan to do or tell me your opinion about that email thing – fancy vs text.