“Breakthrough to the Best You in 2010: Create Your Powerful Yet Simple Goal Setting and Time Management System That Works!” Free Tele-Conference Open to Public

Many believe that 2009 was the worst year they ever experienced.   What can we do about this? Plan ahead to make 2010 a year where you turn things around, make smart choices and build the future you want in all areas, including finances, relationships, physical and emotional health.. Hosted by Authentic Life Institute, this free tele-seminar demystifies the goal setting process and provides concrete steps for taking control of your precious time and ensuring success.

San Juan Capistrano, CA AddPR.com, December 22, 2009

The economy has battered and bruised many people.  They often feel that life is spinning out of control.  They react out of fear and maybe aren’t making the best choices.

What can be done? The best remedy is to take charge of your life.  There is nothing that dispels fear like a well thought out goal and taking actions to achieve it.

Fact –Less than 15% of people write their goals down in specific, measurable, detail. (Source- www.ThinkTQ.com)

Fact- Only 12% have at least one clearly defined goal for every major interest in their life. (Source- www.ThinkTQ.com)

Fact- Only 22% share your goals with others for mutual accomplishment. (Source- www.ThinkTQ.com)

Who wouldn’t want to be create their vision, have a clear plan to achieve it, know what actions are most important to take each day to live a life filled with  peace of mind, financial freedom, a healthier body and joyful relationships?

Honestly? Not everyone. Most people aren’t willing to take the quiet, inner time to think through goals and actions; however, now, more than ever, people are questioning the direction of their lives, seeking more meaning and purpose along with material security and success.

To address the problem of financial adversity and lack of clear direction and to promote the benefits of goal setting and time management, Authentic Life Institute, a virtual learning center reaching more than 17,000 people monthly, is hosting a free tele-teleseminar (via telephone) on January 6, 2010, open to the public on “Breakthrough to the Best You in 2010: Create Your

Powerful Yet Simple Goal Setting and Time Management System That Works!”

Topics covered include-

– Why set your goals?

– A simple but powerful goal setting system

– Action planning to accomplish your goals with ease and success

– Time Integrity -It’s Your Time, How Will You Use It?

Ann Ronan, Ph.D., founder of Authentic Life Institute states “Starting with a vision for your life and then creating a definite plan to achieve it with planned out action steps and support is the absolute key to success in life.  It is my mission to help others live their authentic life – a life of purpose and meaning with all the money needed to live a truly rich life.”

For more information visit http://authenticlifeinstitute.com/classes/january-6-2010/

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