I got this one from Erich Fromm a German-American psychologist and author: “people never think their way into new ways of acting, they always act their way into new ways of thinking.”

Every successful client I’ve coached is an action oriented person. They have a vision for their life, are clear on their goals and have a plan for ACTION!

The clients I’ve worked with over the last 9 years who don’t succeed, who remain frustrated, who spin their wheels…spend too much time THINKING.

You’ve got to know what matters to you and then take persistent action to achieve it. Small step by step…it’s the consistency that counts.

This time of year is a great time to take some time to yes, think…think about what you would like your life to look like and then, write it down, put the actions needed to achieve your goal on your calendar. Do one of your actions first thing each workday, even before you look at email!

Do this and I know you’ll have the fulfilling, beautiful life you deserve.

Would love to see your comments, particularly if you try this and have success!