1. Freedom! Set your hours to suit your natural body rhythms.
2. Money. There are no limits -I remember job “steps” that limited my income no matter how much I produced. No more!
3. Following my passions. I get to choose what I’ll focus on each day.
4. Multiple profit centers. Money comes from more than 1 stream -no need to worry if one runs dry – you develop another one.
5. Work from wherever. East coast visiting family, West coast home office, coffee shop. at the harbor -depends on the weather and my mood.
6. Work with people I like. I get to say “no thanks” to difficult people AND I’m not stuck in the cubicle next to them.
7. Teach others what I learn. I learn something new about business/marketing and then teach it to others -how cool is that?
8. Become slightly famous. I’m known in my community (and beyond) as the “go to” person when someone wants to become self-employed. It’s fun being a “celebrity.”
9. Help the economy. Entrepreneurs will be the key to building our economy -and I’m contributing!
10. Freedom! Did I say that already? Well it is the biggest benefit in my mind. Freedom to choose how I spend my days, where I spend them and who I spend them with!