I’m walking my talk this week – you know the one where I say living a Life First/Work Second is an important value of mine and one I want to encourage others to go after if it rings true for them…yeah, that one.

I’m writing to you from my home state of RI where I’m visiting family. The purpose of the trip was “crisis” related…so I’ve been focusing more on family than work this week…
and I can do so and am glad!

In order to focus on what’s most important right now I’m going to forgo my usual weekly article ezine for this week and next week…

Watch for an article the first week of November.

In the meantime, I’m also helping my family (and myself!) remember that what you focus on expands…so if there is an area of life that doesn’t look so rosy right now don’t get consumed by it -take the steps you need to and don’t forget to enjoy all that IS good right now…you’re loved ones, the fall air, whatever makes you happy.

Knowing for you a prosperous and productive week while remembering what’s REALLY important.

Igniting your entrepreneurial spirit,