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When I do workshops on marketing …and mention that speaking is one of the most effective strategies for building a list of contacts who can’t wait to buy from them, most people in the audience look at me with that “no way in hell am I gonna do that” look.

What is it about speaking that makes it such a powerful marketing tool?   Listed below are 3 benefits of public speaking.

Benefit #1:  You build your leads list quickly. People get an experience of YOU.  They get to feel your essence…who you really are.  Now you’ve got their trust.  When building your list of prospects (the MOST important part of creating your business!) people typically move through four stages:  from suspect (they don’t know you and think you just want to take advantage of them) to prospect (they say yes to a free offer you’ve made and are interested in learning more about you) to client (they’ve spent money with you…even one dollar!) to raving fan (they buy just about everything you offer AND tell others that they must get to know you too).

When you get out and speak to a group you will want to collect their email addresses and postal addresses. Offer to give them your free ezine or a special tip sheet or a cd of an interview you’ve done, in exchange for their email address.  My experience is that 95% -100% of folks will do this…after hearing you speak, they want to get more from you.  You’ve created a relationship and these folks aren’t suspects…they are already prospects…or if they purchased one of your information products…they are clients….and many will already be raving fans!

Benefit #2: Sales in the “back of the room”. I don’t know about you, but I always love browsing the information products (books, workbooks, cds, home study courses) that are provided at seminars.  I always buy at least one thing (usually more) because I am interested in the topic the speaker is talking about and am hungry for more information.

A speaker is truly performing a disservice to her audience if she doesn’t give them more of what they want.  AND, you can make a boatload of money selling these information products!  You spend time to create them once…and then continue to make money with them for years to come.  If you’d like to learn how to create your first info product (and don’t want to procrastinate for 3 years like I did!….do you know how much money I lost when I did public speaking and had nothing more to offer folks!) join me on an information packed teleclass June 17.

Benefit #3: You are Living Your Life Purpose and Serving Others.  You have good information to share (yes, you really do!) and it would be a shame not to share that information with others.   When you speak on a topic you are passionate about you can literally change lives.  One piece of information can encourage someone to take a baby step that leads to another and another …resulting in a positive life change.

Tom Antion is the man I go to for public speaking advice and tips.  Check out his chock full resource center, click here.

More to come in the next 2 articles…next week we’ll talk about putting together a presentation and in 2 weeks, you’ll learn how to market your presentations on a shoestring.