Client Attraction: 3 Keys to Getting Ideal Clients


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Getting clients and customers is the #1 need I hear from my clients. If you don’t have your client attraction system in place, you have no business!

Strategy #1. What do you do?

You’ve got to have a short, great answer when someone asks you this question. Start by knowing who your ideal client is so you can identify them with your answer to “what do you do?” You have to know who you are talking to every single time you write an email to your list, or create an ad, or write website copy. Who are you talking to?

Create a composite person who possesses every great quality all your ideal customers have. Then, every time you write or speak or do other marketing activities, you are speaking to that ONE person. This is the most powerful client attraction magnet –so you must master it.

You can start with demographics like age range, income levels, geographical area where they live but then expand it to how they are thinking, what they are feeling, what do they want from you. Write it out. Say it aloud to your coach or trusted buddy. Change your marketing materials if needed to speak directly to this wonderful person who you can’t wait to serve. And watch the calls/emails come in!

Strategy #2. What Makes You Different?

Here are some of the ways I am different from many business coaches. I love my clients and am not afraid to tell them so. I value relationships and it shows -I have long term relationships with many, many clients –many have worked with me for nine years or more.

I have been in my client’s shoes and know what they’re feeling and know how to express that to them while giving them a vision of the possibilities of their future along with practical action steps to take in the present.

I have invested a ton of money and time into learning how to create a portable and prosperous lifestyle and share all that I have learned freely with others.

I bring a consciousness of spiritual principles to all I do –including business.

I am introverted and love working alone from home, AND have challenged myself to bust through perceived limitations and fears to bring my work into the world in a big way through speaking, creating information products and facilitating coaching groups…thus I serve as a role model for others with similar doubts and fears.

So give some thought to all your unique quirks. What makes YOU different? I’d love to know –leave a comment in the blog section so we can all see it!

Strategy #3. What is the Outcome Your Clients Get?

Big, big mistake I see in just about every new business owner (and I did it too!). They talk about the FEATURES of their service or product and not the BENEFIT to the client.

Example –my Success Circle –features include a monthly teleclass including laser coaching with me, audio recordings, weekly audio coaching minutes and a weekly online journal.

Some of the many benefits of the program are that participants take action more consistently and quickly resulting in increased clients and money in their business. They have support and are able to ask those questions that may feel “dumb” in a safe space.

What is the outcome your clients get? Get clear on these 3 things and you are far ahead of most business owners.

Creativity: The Successful Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon


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Your creative powers are infinite. Yup…think about it.  You come from the same source as all of nature around you.  Look at fruit trees.  How do you think those fruit push themselves up the trunk, through the branches and then hang themselves like beautiful ornaments in just the right place?  Well we don’t really know how it works, but we know it’s creation.

You cannot not create.  I know…many of you just don’t feel creative.  Maybe your definition of “creative” has been too narrow.  Creativity isn’t a gift given only to artists, sculptors, musicians, or dancers.   It’s something you do naturally.  Question is…what are YOU creating?  You are always creating with your thoughts.  Every product, every service in the world started first in someone’s mind.  So “mind your mind” and direct your thoughts to things you really want to create…like abundance and good service and joy.    

You are absolutely unique.  There is no one quite like you.  So the way you look at the world, through your eyes, your mind is different than any one else’s.  Successful entrepreneurs embrace this uniqueness.  Even though there are many people who cut and style hair, each does it in their own way –haven’t you had a favorite hairdresser or barber who just always got it “right”?

So don’t waste time worrying that you have nothing new to offer.  You do.  Yourself.  Discover what it is that you enjoy about yourself and incorporate those qualities into your business.  When you do, you’ll love your work and your customers and clients will love you.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, a psychologist has written extensively on the topic of creative flow.  He says when we are engaged in an almost effortless yet highly focused activity we experience “flow.”  Here are the characteristics of being in “flow”:               
1.  Completely involved in what we are doing – focused, concentrated.
2.  A sense of ecstasy – of being outside everyday reality.
3.  Great inner clarity – knowing what needs to be done, and how well we are doing.
4.  Knowing that the activity is doable – that skills are adequate to the task.
5.  A sense of serenity – no worries about oneself, and a feeling of growing beyond the boundaries of the ego.
6.  Timelessness – thoroughly focused on the present,  time seems to pass by in minutes.
7.  Intrinsic motivation – whatever produces flow becomes its own reward.

When have you felt that?  Whatever you were doing at the time, do more of that!  I celebrate and honor your creativity. Don’t hide it from the world…let it shine.

Need a Mentor?


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5 Step Formula to Add 6 Figures to Your Business THIS YEAR


You can imagine how pleased I was when asked if I would contribute one of my self employment success products to Dave Dee’s upcoming product release.

Dave is combining his efforts with Alexis Martin Neely, the former attorney turned marketer who had such huge success helping others do what she used to do (market her law firm) that she no longer had time to work as an attorney.

Now they are offering 5 Step Formula to Add 6 Figures to Your Business THIS YEAR & Re-Ignite Your Passion While You Do It and I’m giving you a big head start because I know that you understand marketing.
Listen carefully to what I’m about to tell you…

On July 3rd at NOON ET (9:00 AM PT), Dave and Alexis are conducting a live, FREE teleclasss during which they will share their 5-Step Formula to Add 6 Figures to Your Business THIS YEAR & Re-Ignite Your Passion While You Do It.

Registration for this exciting call is open now! Believe me, if it’s like anything else these two have done, the registration will close very quickly.

Dave’s magic is not just with a hat and a rabbit (he really was a magician)- his marketing ideas are terrific and once people learn about this call, all the phone lines will be gone (and that’s why people need to register NOW).

I believe so much in these two that I have created an information product for them to GIVE AWAY FREE just so people will get TONS of bonuses to join this call. You’ll see my photo on their information page where you’ll learn about my information as well as information from MANY others.

NOTE – You have to purchase NOTHING to get ALL these bonuses FREE… just be sure you register for the call NOW and then listen to it. Complete details about the call are on their site and to get a head start on registering, go to:

Dave Dee and Alexis Martin Neely’s Teleseminar Signup – Click Here NOW!

Please jump into this before all the reservations for the phone line are taken. If you don’t want all the great information on the call, at least see all the free giveaway items that you will get just for being ON the call.

TONS of free materials from today’s exciting internet marketers. You are in for a HUGE treat.

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Igniting Your Entrepreneurial Spirit,

Blissfully working from home since 2000, succeeding in this economy

P.S. Listening to this teleclass could be a life-changing moment for you. I have used several of Dave’s products and paid him for them and get referral fees when I help sell any of his: he’s quick, sharp, insightful. And Alexis, who recently sold her law practice just to concentrate on her internet businesses (because she was earning over 7 figures), is a real winner. Seriously – Register for the call now.

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Speaking to Grow Your Business Part III: Marketing Tips to Fill the Room


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There are several low/no cost ways to begin speaking.  I would begin speaking for free –I did and it was a great way to build my database quickly.  Here are my 4 favorite tips for building your reputation and becoming slightly famous with speaking.

Tip #1:  Offer a class related to your business at your local community college and/or adult education center.  There are two great advantages to this tip. One is that teaching a class can feel less scary than being a “presenter.”  Chances are that you are passionate about the services or products you offer.  When that’s true, it’s easy to create a class/workshop to share what you know with others.  For an hour to an hour and a half class, decide on 3 main points you want the audience to know about.  Think of some stories or examples related to each of the 3 points and write those down.  Finally, create some kind of interaction that can be done around each point (for example, share their experience with the person next to them for 5-10 minutes, or ask for examples from the audience that are shared with everyone, or have them do a written exercise). 

A 2nd advantage of this tip is that these organizations print the catalog and have large lists of folks who receive them.  Check out other presenter’s listings, particularly those who have several classes listed, or who are regularly brought back to teach.  Follow the format they use to describe your class.  It’s typically about 3 sentences followed by 3 learning objectives (what you will get when you take this class) and a short 2-3 line bio.  You’ll need to remember that these folks need to hear from you early.  If you want to present in the fall, you need to contact them in the spring.  They have a several month lead time in order to publish their catalogs.

Tip #2:  Contact local networking and service groups to let them know you are available for speaking.  Get online and research the groups in your area.  Create a list of 2-3 topics with learning objectives, along with your bio, and send it to all the groups you can find within the distance you’re willing to drive to speak.  

For example, this fall I will be speaking at a chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), at a Volunteer Center and at a Rotary Club meeting.  I don’t charge for any of these, but I do ALWAYS collect the contact information, including email as well as postal addresses, of almost everyone in the room.  You can do this by offering to email them a special report you’ve written in exchange for their information or you can hold a drawing for a book or one of the products you sell to those who give you their contact information.  Don’t forget to get testimonials!  Again, spring is a good time to contact these folks.  Their program officers are usually setting up a calendar of speakers for the following September through August.

Tip #3: Offer to give a seminar at your spiritual home or local library.  These organizations have plenty of experience in promoting activities to their members.  In the case of spiritual communities, it is common to share the workshop proceeds if there is a fee; however, you can also sell your books/products “back of the room” and make as much, if not more, from these sales as from the workshop fees.

Tip #4:  Get some free publicity.  Most newspapers and radio stations have a “calendar” or “weekly section” that will list your workshop at no charge.  Craigslist is another great place to post your workshop at no cost ( Appearing on radio talk shows to discuss your program builds great interest in your topic. Start to develop a network of contacts within your business and media communities.  Write and submit press releases about your workshops (that’s the topic for another article!).

Top Ten Benefits of Being Self Employed


1. Freedom! Set your hours to suit your natural body rhythms.
2. Money. There are no limits -I remember job “steps” that limited my income no matter how much I produced. No more!
3. Following my passions. I get to choose what I’ll focus on each day.
4. Multiple profit centers. Money comes from more than 1 stream -no need to worry if one runs dry – you develop another one.
5. Work from wherever. East coast visiting family, West coast home office, coffee shop. at the harbor -depends on the weather and my mood.
6. Work with people I like. I get to say “no thanks” to difficult people AND I’m not stuck in the cubicle next to them.
7. Teach others what I learn. I learn something new about business/marketing and then teach it to others -how cool is that?
8. Become slightly famous. I’m known in my community (and beyond) as the “go to” person when someone wants to become self-employed. It’s fun being a “celebrity.”
9. Help the economy. Entrepreneurs will be the key to building our economy -and I’m contributing!
10. Freedom! Did I say that already? Well it is the biggest benefit in my mind. Freedom to choose how I spend my days, where I spend them and who I spend them with!

What is Noble Purpose?


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Noble Purpose is listening for the inner call to use your unique gifts to serve others.

Noble Purpose is a matter of the heart.  It is about your heart opening and feeling intimately united with others.  James Hillman in the Soul’s Code gives us the “acorn theory”.  An acorn must grow into an oak tree –it cannot be a pine or a palm.  Each life is formed by a particular image, an image that is the essence of life and calls it to a destiny, just as the mighty oak’s destiny is written in the tiny acorn.

Some of you might not have connected with it yet.
Some of you know what it is but have trouble living it
Some of you are living it but might want to live it even more fully.

But NONE of you need to CHANGE or be someone you are not.  There is nothing to change; there is only the return to your deepest, Essential Self. 

What throws you off track from living your Noble Purpose?

We get in our own way when we think our purpose has to be BIG, or unique – it is not always a call to the extraordinary, though it will keep stretching you.  More often than not it is the embrace of the ordinary, doing what makes you feel simply satisfied and good.
Your habits and beliefs can stop you although they don’t have to.  Can you believe “there is no limitation outside of our own ignorance, and since we can ALL conceive of a greater good than we have so far experienced, we all have the ability to transcend previous experiences and rise triumphant above them; but we shall never triumph over them while we persist in going through the old mental reactions.” (Ernest Holmes)

Are your beliefs supporting your noble purpose?  If not, choose a belief that is not supporting you and write out an opposite belief that feels better to you.  As the old thought arises, don’t feed it –just replace it with the new belief.  It does not matter how much patience it takes:  persevere and be patient with yourself until you can see that each succeeding month your consciousness is evolving into a higher place that supports you. 

Take time to get quiet and listen to the still, small voice within.  Meditate and use visioning to ask how to use your unique gifts to serve others.  Uncovering your inner purpose may look formidable.  It is not.  This call to serve is very familiar –even obvious.  It’s an aspect of your life you’ve known and danced with since childhood, a completely original expression of your unique self.

What is at the center of your life?  Carefully examine where you spend your attention, your time.  Look at your appointment book, your daily schedule.  These things, these meetings, and errands–this is where you dedicate your precious days, hours, moments.  This is what receives your care and attention –and, by definition, your love.  Is this what you wish to love?  Are these the people and situations you hope will receive the gift of your life? 

If you do not feel connected to your Noble Purpose right now –relax.  You don’t have to agonize over it – your Noble Purpose is already a creative force within you –to fulfill it you might just need to get out of the way!

Speaking to Grow Your Business: Why You Need to Conquer the Fear


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When I do workshops on marketing …and mention that speaking is one of the most effective strategies for building a list of contacts who can’t wait to buy from them, most people in the audience look at me with that “no way in hell am I gonna do that” look.

What is it about speaking that makes it such a powerful marketing tool?   Listed below are 3 benefits of public speaking.

Benefit #1:  You build your leads list quickly. People get an experience of YOU.  They get to feel your essence…who you really are.  Now you’ve got their trust.  When building your list of prospects (the MOST important part of creating your business!) people typically move through four stages:  from suspect (they don’t know you and think you just want to take advantage of them) to prospect (they say yes to a free offer you’ve made and are interested in learning more about you) to client (they’ve spent money with you…even one dollar!) to raving fan (they buy just about everything you offer AND tell others that they must get to know you too).

When you get out and speak to a group you will want to collect their email addresses and postal addresses. Offer to give them your free ezine or a special tip sheet or a cd of an interview you’ve done, in exchange for their email address.  My experience is that 95% -100% of folks will do this…after hearing you speak, they want to get more from you.  You’ve created a relationship and these folks aren’t suspects…they are already prospects…or if they purchased one of your information products…they are clients….and many will already be raving fans!

Benefit #2: Sales in the “back of the room”. I don’t know about you, but I always love browsing the information products (books, workbooks, cds, home study courses) that are provided at seminars.  I always buy at least one thing (usually more) because I am interested in the topic the speaker is talking about and am hungry for more information.

A speaker is truly performing a disservice to her audience if she doesn’t give them more of what they want.  AND, you can make a boatload of money selling these information products!  You spend time to create them once…and then continue to make money with them for years to come.  If you’d like to learn how to create your first info product (and don’t want to procrastinate for 3 years like I did!….do you know how much money I lost when I did public speaking and had nothing more to offer folks!) join me on an information packed teleclass June 17.

Benefit #3: You are Living Your Life Purpose and Serving Others.  You have good information to share (yes, you really do!) and it would be a shame not to share that information with others.   When you speak on a topic you are passionate about you can literally change lives.  One piece of information can encourage someone to take a baby step that leads to another and another …resulting in a positive life change.

Tom Antion is the man I go to for public speaking advice and tips.  Check out his chock full resource center, click here.

More to come in the next 2 articles…next week we’ll talk about putting together a presentation and in 2 weeks, you’ll learn how to market your presentations on a shoestring.

Top 5 Reasons I Love Being Self Employed


I’ve been self employed for 10 years and coach others over 40 to enjoy the life first/work second lifestyle. My top 5 reasons:

1. FREEDOM! I enjoy and choose to work 30-35 hours a week AND I get to choose when I write, teach teleseminars and coach.

2. FREEDOM Part II: I get to choose WHERE I work. My home office, the local funky coffee shop or at the harbor overlooking the Pacific ocean.

3. Working alone most of the time. This is perfect for me! I love several hours a day in complete silence. But do know, you can get out to coffee shops and networking meetings and have as much interaction as you like…your choice!

4. Choosing projects and clients I love. I get to say no.

5. More vacation time. No more 2-4 weeks of vacation time. I take 4-6 weeks a year in addition to 3-4 weeks of professional development conferences.

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